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Anyone got a bit of courage to spare?

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I had my first session to self inject MTX this morning. And unlike Lady Jayne's post I was a total wuss and just couldn't bring myself to stab myself with the was so loooongg! I thought it would be a teeny tiny needle and was horrified when she took the top off. Talk about dithering. The nurse was very good and patient, but I'm sure could see her lunch hour vanishing before her eyes. Anyway I eventually asked her to do it, and said I'd try again next week. So folks....I've got one week to drum up the courage. Any clues about how I can find the bottle? Polly

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Hi Polly, I have been injecting now for about 6 weeks and like you I was worried about doing it myself. So far it has been fine and not hurt at all, although i am quite well padded so once through the skin the needle just goes into fat. I found it was easiest to just get on and do it. Try sticking a pin into an orange for practice.

YOU CAN do it

Lottie xx

Get it done without looking. Find where your going to put it and then get yourself reasy and either shut your eyes or turn your head and then wham push it in. It will be over before you know where you are. Just think of the benefit you will get in the future very little pain,being able to walk tall. See if the nurse can give you some dummy jabs to practise on,either on yourself or an orange.

Best of luck polly. Love sylvi.xx

Sweet, i have been self injecting first mxt, not enbrel for 12 years, and i still get shakey, sweaty and can feel my heart begn to race before i inject!

You will be able to do it, and you will be fine, just keep saying to yourself as you inject "good drug, this helps me, good drug" (or a mantra of your own), i find this helps.

At the end of the day, i think we're all incredably brave with everything we do!

Ella xx

Dear Polly, I have been injecting MTX since March and it is so much easier than swallowing 8 silly little pills which are impossible to pick up from the floor when you drop them due to stiff fingers! I squeeze a nice blob of tummy fat and hold the metoject like a dart and just shove it in quickly. I can honestly say it doesn't hurt doing it that way and I am very sqeemish. Good luck - don't forget to pretend you are on TV playing professional darts! XX

I'm not at all worried by needles but when Tilda was describing the self-injecting process I began to wonder whether I could do it. Don't medical students practice with an orange? I think that might work for me. Although with my tummy a disintegrating banana might be more the right sort of consistency.

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First time I've regretted losing 2 stone, as I've less mushy banana than I used to have....Px

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Sorry, am losing my marbles, just seen that 2 people already suggested the orange. Also, was not intending to suggest that you might be mushy banana woman! Don't regret losing weight though 'cos you will get there.

Christina x

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Oh I think mushy banana is just spot on as a description....squishy but leathery, and certainly not peachy skin over a rippling 6 pack.

Hi I have been injecting for about six months now and still find it difficult, but what I do is treat myself to something nice after I have done it, Usually some chocolate and a cup of tea lol. Maybe you could think of a nice treat you can give yourself afterwards, it works for me. Best of luck. Regards sharon x

It must be so difficult and I really admire all who do inject..I'm sure after time you'll be fine and I wish you lots of luck for next week Claire xx

Right everyone i am going to slightly ridulous. IT IS ONLY A PRICK !!!

Hope this made you all laugh. xx

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You'll have to guess my reply, as don't want to offend, but it would have had something to do with my surprise over the size of the needle.... tee hee. Px

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Yes you have!! My hubby wants to know what I am rolled up laughing about, won't let him know!

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Georje,Polly, you girls, what am i going to do with you both,titter titter. At least by laughing it has taken the sting out of the prick.. LOve to both

Thanks for the giggle. I have nurse coming round Monday to show me how to do it so the giggle cheered me up.

I'm here to please. xx

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no but the one at the top reply sylvi had me crying with imagination(dont look, just wam jab it in) lol

(that didnt hurt did it) WHY IS THE DOG YELPING oops missed again.

regards john

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i'm too busy sniggering over the mushy banana thinking maybe it needs a shot of viagra to perk it up a bit..

you really don't need to see what my mind is seeing right now..

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nice one ,, sylvi .. :) xx


Do it in the fleshiest part of your body, either the leg or stomach. The fleshy part hurt less. Make sure you have it at 45 degres (not pointing upright) and the needle should slip into your flesh with a minimum of fuss i.e does not hurt. It hurts when you don't get the angle right.

Hope that helps & good luck.

I actually prefer to do it myself!

Joanne x


I had a phobia of needles, so understand what you are saying. However, I have been injecting Insulin 5 times per day since 2008 and it is now second nature. Long needles and pain - bad dreams about it all - but I can honestly say that the anticipation is worse than actually doing it - when I first injected myself I was so thrilled that I had done it and wondered why I had been so worried. Needles are so thin that they really don't hurt. I did mine in the bedroom on my own whereby If I cried only I would know. It is better to do it yourself where you are in control.

Good luck - you will be fine :)

Colette x

I don't know why we were all so focused on your actual question when there's a mutt there expecting all the attention! Tell him / her they are gorgeous!

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That's Gloria the enormous puppy...I look after her for a neighbour, and struggle to hand her back at the end of the day. She's now the height of a table so no longer allowed to climb onto my lap, and just gazes rather adorably instead.

Hi Polly

Doing injections to yourself is definately not easy. You would think as a nurse I would do it with no problem. I have been self injecting MTX for over 2 years now and I still dither about doing it. I then take a deep breath, say 1,2,3 under my breath and do the dastardly deed. Don't worry you will get there, as the others say - tell yourself that this will keep you well.

Gloria looks adorable.

Bon courage.

Wendy xx

Do u have the enbrel where you just have to push the button? When I have it or my Humira it injects for you when u push the button, if not ask them for that one, and if you do have it then just imagine you typing here and push those sylvie don't say it lol!!! axxxx

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No, methotrexate doesn't come in that form sadly, and I'm not eligible to move over to biologics. So just traditional syringe with loooong needle that you have to push all the way in. (Makes me feel a bit sick just typing the words! Wuss or what?) Px

Hey girls, This might be the only case when bigger is not better lol :) ! I am wondering tho, seriously, if you might talk to the Pharmacist. I get my MTX in a vial containing several doses. I get 1 ml insulin syringes, with 25 gauge needle, and draw up my dose myself. The vial comes with 25mgm /ml and the Rheumy tells me how much to draw up. So much easier, as the insulin syringes are a really tiny needle. Might be worth it to ask. Or ask the Rheumy to order it that way. You can get a box of presealed alcohol swabs to use to sterilize the top of the bottle and your injection site. This syringe is ideal for skinny legs and tummies, and painless for us more padded ones. Hope this helps. Loretxx

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A good idea thanks. Where I am MTX by injection is a restricted drug so is home delivered from the hospital, but I have phoned to ask them if there's a choice. px

Polly - surely you have played Pin the Donkey? Just shut or eyes and plunge. xxxxx

Use hand cream on the are the 6 days in between injection. This will help keep skin soft and supple, which makes it easier to inject. When at home hold a ice cube over the area for 30 seconds.

The needles on the injections are much bigger then they need to be. But it is never as bad as you think it is going to be.

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I'll give that a try hoping that I'll manage it tomorrow. And love your rabbit! polly

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Good luck for tomorrow


Hope you get on ok tomorrow I've my appointment 5th Nov to learn how to! But after reading your blogs I'm wondering if I want to. Shall read with trepidation!

Good Luck. Just think all those sick days....never again. thats what I'm hoping for anyways...Love Carol

hi have been doing my injection for 14weeks . can do my legs, but get worse hot sweats when i try and jab my tummy , so i just do my the top of my leg which week, lol i have to put it in my diary , left leg one week the right leg, with all my meds, find i have to have a tick list, hope you get used to it , take care, from jo.x

When doing the injection, dont' look. It only takes seconds. The more you stress up and your body tightens your going to feel it because you are thinking of the pain. I think everyone goes through this at first. Just make sure when you selve inject, and dont' keep watching, just look after like 2 to 3 seconds and you will find its done. Later on I will guarantee you will be laughing at the fact that you were scared. Just watch for the little yellow ball when done, make sure it all used. So make sure when using that you can see the window where the serum has come down. Not to worry, you will get it. I find with the epi-pen it doesn't hurt as much as someone poking you with a needle taking your blood. Wish you lots of luck and "yes" you CAN

do it. Just think of how you will feel after you have taken the injection, be happy for yourself!!


Wish it was an epi-pen....but just traditional needle, and they seem to have supplied long ones. Thanks tho', and yes I've managed to do it and it isn't too bad but don't think I'll ever enjoy it. Polly