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Med interactions for RA

Hi All, I am new to this site and not yet diagnosed with RA, have GP appoint. on Monday.

I have had fibromyalgia for approx. 12 years so suffer pain with that, but what I am experiencing now is different. Pains in hands and fingers, feet, knees, shoulders, spine,neck and elbows. I had a blood test about 6 months ago for inflammation, but the test was normal. I have been in pain ever since and getting worse. The doctor put it down to Fibro flare-up, but it doesn't feel like that. I have a lot of other medical problems also and intolerant of strong pain meds. Any meds. without interactions available for RA ?

Sorry for the long question.


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RA isn't really "treated" with pain meds. What they will be doing is trying to get the inflammation under control with disease modifying anti-rheumatic drugs (DMARDs), and that should get rid of the pain so you don't need strong pain meds. DMARDs do often take a bit of getting used to, so even folk who aren't intolerant can find they suffer from tiredness, or nausea or similar things for a little while until they get used to the meds. If they do suggest DMARDs, they will start at low doses and build them up. try and put up with them until your body copes with them, and if its difficult, then ask if you can do the increases a bit slower, or start at half the normal starting dose. Its well worth persisting with them though.


Hi Earthwitch, thanks for your reply, will have to see what the doc says on Monday. I am on meds. for diabetes, sarcoidosis , fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, reflux and asthma, hope these will not stop the RA drugs being given.


Hi Titchyj

As Earthwitch explained, DMARDs are the standard treatment for RA, sometimes with painkillers, anti-inflammatories or steroids alongside. Many people with RA have other long-term conditions for which they take medications so hopefully there would be something suitable for you to try if they do diagnose RA. You might find it useful to read our information on the diagnosis of RA and blood tests used if you haven't already:

I hope things go well with the GP on Monday.

Kind regard

Sarah Kate



hello Titch,

You say that your appointment is with your GP? Most times GPs will refer you to a rheumatologist for a proper diagnosis, as there are a number of different types of inflammatory arthritis and it can be complicated to work out what you have. So try not to get your expectations up too high, as you may not get a clear answer straight away. Good luck. Polly


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