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Jolly Hockey Sticks !!

Well I decided to take a couple of hours off work yesterday afternoon so that I could go and see my youngest in a hockey tournament. Oh to be that young and fit again?! , What a lovely afternoon it was too. Met up with some school mum's I had not seen in quite a while and had a good old chin wag.

Great to watch the hockey on a sunny albeit a little windy afternoon.I came away feeling quite bouyant. Mental note to myself 'you must try to do this more often'.

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I know exactly what you mean! I keep a diary of my symptoms and I include things that make me feel better (my mental notes seem to get lost, somehow!).

For some reason playing pool works for me - I was quite surprised I could do it at all & it seems to provide more of a work out for some muscles than I'd ever realised before. Also anything involving bracing, sparkly weather, definitely!

Other peoples' athleticism can give me a slight twinge of regret / envy but if it's your child it's a different matter, of course.

Maybe I'll get off the sofa now! Glad you're buoyant,

Christina x


how did your daughter do in the competition. Great to hear you sounding better today Axx


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