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Been away

Hi since my last blog about two weeks ago, things have changed after having RA for 14years. My meds were changed two months ago. I was put on methotrexate everything was going ok. I went out for a eddie Stobart event the other Saturday when I got home I could,t stop shaking with cold but also had a temperature. Went to bed had a restless night. Sunday felt a bot better went to the RA course on the Monday hopeing all would be ok. Got home and again not well, called the doc and was given the go over and my temperature was through the roof. I was rushed to hospital, I was given fluids as I was being sick and had a ct scan and found I had a lung infection. The meth had scarred my lungs I was on oxygen. I came out last Friday not on oxygen but can only walk very short distances or can do anything strenuous with out sitting down. My recovery takes about five minutes at the moment. It will be a few weeks before I can go back to work. On the good side if I had to be on oxygen all the time because the scarring was permeant I would not be able to go back. But it looks like it is nearly gone, I have to go back for more tests and all well and good I should be able to turn in a month. On the bright side I have had a few days rest from the hum drum of nomal life, the nurses were great and the food at Kettering general is first class and the weather is fab. I now have a few weeks to catch up on my reading and writing my novel. Hope you are all well and let you know how I get on.

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What an event, you must have been very frightened, we hear about MTX having an effect on the lungs and have to be tested for TB before taking it. I've never heard of anyone actually being affected the way you have; I hope that as the days go on you get stronger, but please; do give yourself plenty of time to get better before you go back to work.

best wishes

Tricia - P x


Hi Beeper, so sorry to hear of the troubles you have had. It sounds like you picked up a really nasty bug not helped by the MTX. I had to have a chest x -ray before starting MTX to make sure my lungs were sound but I do find now that any cold/bug goes straight to my chest and lasts a lot longer than it used to. Glad you have had a good rest in hospital - it sounds a good place. Take care and get plenty of rest now you are home and don't overdo it. Keep warm as well - I do find if I get chilled it seems to leave me open to all sorts of problems. LavendarLady x


what a rough time you have had.. hopefully things will improve soon xx


I had pnuemonia just after starting MTX and was hospitalised.It took a long time to completely recover but i have restarted it as i still feel its the best drug at the moment for me.Now if i get any signs of a cough or cold i'm straight to my GP - and he tells me to do this just in case.Look after yourself and don't be too hard on yourself-it's a serious thing thats happened to you.Hope you feel better soon

Take care



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