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A new NRAS Support Group!!

Please spare me a moment,

NRAS is looking to increase its presence in its local area of Maidenhead by holding an information day promoting NRAS and our services to the local people. We are hoping that from this information day we will create a new group in the Windsor and Maidenhead area catering for the estimated 1,000 people living there with RA. We have applied for a grant, but need your votes to help us secure this funding.

You DO NOT need to be in the Windsor and Maidenhead Area to vote. You can be anywhere in the country and still support NRAS! I do understand that registering and voting is anything but easy, but your vote could be the tipping point to help us secure £6,000 and a worthy addition to our groups program.

Please follow this link: register and vote for our project. With your help we will increase our presence locally and help more people living with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Starting a new group takes a lot of time, effort and money from NRAS. This funding would provide us with a great resource for this group and allow us to improve local support for those living with RA.

Many thanks all and happy voting!!! (Don’t forget to spread the message to all friends and family on Facebook and Twitter if you have it!)


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