Hot week

Well what a week we're having with this lovely sun. I've been getting the garden ready for the winter. I wonder why when its this hot. I have felt able to do a bit, i've repotted, chopped and had a general tidy up. My problem now is it too hot, my joints don't like this heat. I've been doing a bit,resting a bit, and i think i've done well. Today i went up the village as the farmers market was here and then i went round the village and had a good nosy round. Went home and i planned to do a bit more in the garden, but that went by the wayside as i find i'm kn""""d. I crashed out on my chair and slept for hour and a half, which just laterly i haven't been doing. My joints are swollen and stiff, sore and thick. So for today i've given in and not done anything.

So to all my friends on here, i hope that your not suffering too much in this lovely weather, if you are i feel for you. Tomorrows another day and i hope i can get more done.

I probaly done too much this week and paying for it now,but never mind.

Have a lovely sunday.

Sylvia. x

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I feel asleep in the garden.. but with the low winter sun in is shady from about 3.30pm I heard snoring it was me!!!, I woke up and had trouble moving this morning and I must have needed that afternoon nap as did you xx

I had cut the lawn first and done some hanging out of washing and hoovered the living room. think I have been tired at work since my short break it has been hellish busy.



You need a holiday alison to get over the one you just had. Just got in we went for a meal down the corner house. I had scampi and bob had gammon. It was lovely sitting outside at 5.30pm enjoying the last of the sun. I have to say your blog to me made me smile, i read it out to my hubby too.We'll both what tomorrow brings then, another nice day with sunshine.

Love sylvia. xx


Hi Sylvia. I like the sunny hot weather, but my joints don't!! It's always affected me this way too, I also love the gardening, never thought I would say that though but I do.

Over the past few years I've really enjoyed it. My hubby redesigned all the garden so it's easy for me to manage, no more mowing of lawns. although I miss the grass it is easy for me to manage. Two big patio areas with a big fish pond too. I just keep the borders neat and tidy and that suits me perfectly! Lots of pots and garden furniture, I get to love it more every year.

Take care in this warm weather, I fear the ice and snow will soon be upon us!!

mand xx


I am lucly my garden is v small. I have an electric mower. it takes longer to set it up with the power breaker and put on suitable clothing ,I have only cut it five times this year, volunteers did it twice!!. If Im not up to it it gets left til I am x. my garden is in pots/ raised bed also x


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