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Chocolate chocolate and more chocolate!


Well it would appear that all my previous blogs have been food based, so I thought why break the trend! Currently I’m fighting the need to go over the Christmas sized box of Quality Street and pig out. Did I mention there is a box of Thornton’s? Well they are tasty.

Anyway, to a more important subject and to keep me away from said box.... The final fundraising total for the Great North Run stands at £11,680!! WOW!! An absolutely massive thank you to Ailsa, her team of pushers and all those that ran on behalf of NRAS, you have done a fantastic job. I was at the run this year supporting all our runners and it was a great feeling standing mere metres from the finish line seeing the constant stream of worn-out bodies crossing the line and the atmosphere was phenomenal. It was a brilliant weekend with over 20 runners bearing the NRAS logos, even a gorilla was giving his all for rheumatoid!!!

Do you have 2 minutes?

Could you help me step up a new NRAS Support Group?

NRAS is looking to increase its presence in its local area of Maidenhead by holding an information day promoting NRAS and our services to the local people. We are hoping that from this information day we will create a new group called the Windsor and Maidenhead NRAS Support Group. This group will cater for the estimated 1,000 people living with RA in the Windsor and Maidenhead area. We have applied for the grant via the NatWest Community Force Project and your votes are needed help us secure this funding.

Please follow this link: register and vote for our project. With your help we will increase our presence locally and help more people living with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

So thank you for doing that and apologies for it being a bit of a challenge to vote, I do really appreciate your support. I must also mention the fantastic launch of the Salisbury Group last Wednesday to an enormous crowd of over 100 people. This now gives NRAS 41 active groups operating in your community. If you have never been to one and would like to please give us a call on 01628 823 524 and we can tell you where your nearest group is. Please keep a keen eye on the website for their second meeting as it promises to be a great evening and long lasting group.

Anyway I must dash to catch the last of the sun this evening, might even have a cheeky beer to celebrate the weekend.

Take care everybody and until next time….


Trust and Grant fundraiser - NRAS

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we need a group in the coventry and nuneaton and bedworth.


in reply to sylvi

Duly noted Sylvi. We are currently trying to expand into the south at the moment, but I will keep it in mind that there is interest in these areas, are the Solihull and Leicester groups near enough to you? Please note you don’t have to be in the Maidenhead area to vote for my project, could you spare me a couple of minutes if you haven’t already. Thanks, Oli.

Hi- I live in Windsor and would love a local support group. I'm not sure how much time I can commit to helping set up as am working long hours, but am definitely happy to help and join!! Let me know, Charlotte x

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Hi Charlotte

We'd be interested in communicating with you directly to discuss the possibility of a local Windsor/Maidenhead group. Please drop me an email directly if you would like to know more

I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

Kind regards


Director of External Affairs

Thanks for the support ciyoung! We need this funding to help our local area, please tell all your friends and family to vote, regardless of where they are based they can vote for us in Maidenhead. Thanks Oli.

I don't have transport to get there. Husband works shifts so he can't always take, sadly.


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