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Back in one piece!

Since you all wanted an update on ATOS medical this is how it went;

The dreaded day has arrived

slept quite well surprisingly

planned the time, must not be late;

left the house at half past eight.

Enjoyed the drive over an hour it took

found a parking space,paid my dues

then to the centre off I trott

stumbled and looking quite bemused

I arrived at the door which would not open

twist as I may at the knob

a kind lady used to this

took the lead and called on Bob

Once inside I took my seat at the hatch

asked for id that I'd forgotten

then filled in form for transport

and waited for my name to be allotted

a nurse called me through and explained her job

while she typed away giving me a glance

the questioned she asked were much the same

as the form I filled in the past

I went on my own; was that such a crime?

Where's my husband who holds my hand

to stop me falling as stated before

I got there myself! was I now band?

The questioned kept coming and answer them I did

then it was time for the physical test

She pressed here and there and said stop when it hurts

I did what she said never asking for rest

The shock of the day one could not be surprised

was my blood pressured had reached the sky

190/106 she explained its stressful day

I smiled, but the body doesn't lie

So I'll get it checked

before the next adventure

having a physical assessment

at the sports center

Then one day I'll hear

if I've passed the test

to have ESA for a year

or join the job queue with all the rest.

Thanks for all your good wishes

I'll keep you updated


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Well done Carol

You sound upbeat by the poem, or are you just hiding the stress!! Well done on the interview and I really hope you get good news very soon.

I however had to wait about three months on my decision so I really really hope yours is quicker! did they give you an estimated time when you will get notice.

And brilliant on your sports assessment, hope you enjoy it!! Love Axx ;)


Hi Allanah,

Yes upbeat but my body not so good, Thought I'd check out this BP only to find it still very high, called Gp told to have it checked at chemist they registered it as 185/105 and 202/96 took that along to GP surgery who told me to go home and the gp would ring, she's just done that and I've been told to double tabs tonight and I've got an appt tomorrow for the nurse to check it again. So I had to cancel assessment at Gym for the time being, so not a happy bunny I was really looking forward to getting fitter and lose some weight. Oh I was told about 3 weeks before I hear. I keep checking post like a hawk because I'm applying for jobs and really would like some encouragement. Thanks for your thoughts and concerns.


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