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Not going out?

Supposed to go see Tim Vine tonight leaving at 6.45pm. He was the blonde in "not going out"' but I am so sore and tired. Th tickets cost a lot and My hubby has been looking forward to it. I want to go but know I will be hard and painful.

I sort of wish I had the op this week as the doctor wanted but I booked to go and see Cabaret which is on in London for my daughter she loves it and its only a four week run and my son and his girlfriend are taking us to Harry potter studios for Halloween as a treat , I didn't want to cancel it all.

But I'm sitting here wishing. Didn't have to move or go out, so as the tv title says, not going out, or not staying in? some days its just too hard to have ra isnt it ? Axx

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Poor you. I have just been started pain patches that leave yohu feeling washed out

(buprenorphine) but definitely less painful.

Thinking of you.

My son really likes Tim Vine. sorry you don't feel well enough to go.


I was able to map the progress of my disease from my texts cancelling, rearranging and taking rain checks. I'm sorry you don't feel well.


I say go because family are family and they will understand. I love Cabaret too although each time I see it it's darker than I had remembered. Harry Potter studios does sound like fun too. And you can't bring the op forward now I suppose? And if this is not possible now then ask yourself whether you will be happier at home or in London during that time - pain notwithstanding? Tilda xxx


Have been thinking guys, yes I am sore and stiff but I would be sore and stiff at home, so thank you, had painkillers and a nap! And got dressed to go. And yes I will not let this R A beat me! And he would have postponed it cos I had to be off the drugs when push comes to shove. thanks, I'm glad I blogged u all always help me to think clearly. It's awful that pain can take away your sensible thought processes. a xx


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