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new day for achy breaky mum

Good morning lovely people,

Well its 5.30am what sleep that i have had has been good. Hubby got up at 4.30. to go to work and i haven't been back to sleep, i thought i would update you all about george going to america. Hubby checked my mobile when he got up and there was a message for us. Telling that he got there safely, but that call were dear to make and receive. He said that he now had to find his hotel and he would ring later today.

At least i can worry less knowing he has got there ok. I never stop worrying about my two, but i worry less when i know they get there safely.

I still ache again. Not sure whether it was from the journey yesterday or just lack of sleep. W|ill try and rest a bit today. Got to go up the village this morning as i've got to get a wedding card, a couple we have known through hubbys work are getting married after 25yrs together and we've been invited to the reception at the belfy hotel, Still not sure what i'll wear yet, more stress, what am i like. I wish i was like those who don't stress about anything. Its not much to worry about considering whats wrong with me and i know i will have a good time when i get there, so what am i worrying about. Some of the people i haven't seen in years, i think thats whats worrying me more as i've changed so much over the years. Well thats a blog for another day if you all want to know about it. I'm not sure if anyone =s interested after lasr weekend, so you'll have to let me know. My hope that is if my blogs cheer someone up, then its served its purpose.


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moning sylvia.. my computer really dying had trouble posting a methotrexate reply.. if I suddenly go off line. you will know why!

. My new hard drive being installed 1st sun in oct in return for me cooking roast chicken dinner and apple pie.. my pastry IS bad. hands not up to pastry and too warm he he xx, so buying the pie!x

I can get stressed too but im told that stress can aggravate RA pain and Fibromyalgia.. im sure what ever you wear will be lovely xx


Summer, you can make me smile anytime. Have you tried ready made pastry, its a lot easier and hubby can do it for you. You can get different types of pastry,bdepending on what you want to use it for. They even do filo pastry as well.

I have been stressed about george going away, but he has got there safely so i can rest a bit easier. Grace said she knew he was ok as his grandad was with him.

Give the pastry a try mate. they are in the freezer or cold part with the butters of supermarkets.

Sylvia. xx



im new to the site and have to say i have enjoyed reading all the blogs so far - it is comforting to be able to chat to people who feel the same way i do. I will continue to read what you write hun so please continue.

Im still trying to suss the whole thing out, im not very good with technology daughter set this up for me bad is that!!!!

Nicky xxxx


hi nicky, your wish is my command, as for techno i'm no better. Had a new laptop for my birthday and i still don't know my way round it yet. Thats what daughters are for they say you do this, this and that and thats how its done. Me i need to be shown a dozen times and then i don't always get it. So your not alone.

My son has got to orlando ok. He ships out today sometime and i don't know when he will be ringing. I enjoy the blogs too, some of them are enlighting.

Sylvia. xx


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