first he said degenerative disk desiese

from an myr that hope said not that much of a bulge to the left its managable

i still cant feel it cos that was their on mri in 1991

then he said i have patela tendonitise. and the mri said it was showing this on mri

the knee specialist said nominal wear on inside shown on mri (i would trust this guy)

he knows his stuff.

now on emg test it reads this from him

this patent was recently seen in my outpaitents clinic following that we organised a nerve conduction study and emg

the nerve conduction study findings are within normal limits the EMG suggests the posibility of lumbo-sacral radiculopathy bilaterally at the L4 to s1 LEVELS

He also had mri scan of lumbo-sacral spine which showed features of radiculopathy.

now i might not be a specialist BUT

the disk showed l4/l5 at slight bulge to left which was same as 1991

never bothered me before.

and he also said degenerative disk desiese

how come hope who read the mri didnt say this no action required was their report

The i go pay private rumi and he is telling me where me aches are and why hands are swolen im at a loss cos when the knee specialist picks this up i dont know what he is going to think.

why use words within normal limits / suggests the possibility.


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  • It sounds like the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. Sylvi...

  • thanks syl for this comment so not only me reads it like that.

    you do as well

  • My problem here is that I don't know what an EMG is or understand most of your results Minka as they aren't usual RA ones I can relate to so can't advise at all. Tilda x

  • an emg is where they stick a nitting neadle into you leg waggle it about in the mussle and put another electrode on your ankle buy putting a current through this they can tell if the mussle is working and nerve efficently COME ON TILDA DO AND TRY TO KEEP UP (joke tilda)

    I can tell you my legs shook a bit even to the other side and it dont half go in some way into the mussle.

    HE COULD NOT FATHOM OUT WHY MY EYES LIT UP TO 40 WATTS (joke tilda) again cant help it this morning

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