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Hi guys it's me again just gonna give you a quick update on this week's events, after having two conflicting letters on my course of treatment from the same consultant this week, I have just had a call for my rheumatology nurse telling me that my urate test has come back high so on Monday I going to commence treatment for gout ! I asked if my are ray could be misdiagnosed sis to which I replied possibly but not probably and i probably have both what the hell !so I shall just keep wondering around in this limbo im in at the moment , anyone got any ideas cos nobody else has!

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Have a look at this site. You can have both condition and both are treatable.

do not lose heart.

Keep us updated



I'm averagely ignorant about gout but I gather it is treatable and then preventable once treated. Assuming that the diagnosis is correct then some of your 'discomfort' i.e. bl**dy awful pain must have been down to gout. So if they can get rid of it the future could look a whole lot brighter all of a sudden .......

Hope I've got it right 'cos it looks like sort of good news.



Hi, I was first diagnosed with Gout by my GP as my urate levels were up. Gout only last seven days before disappearing but it can come back. As mine did not disappear I kept going back until I was sent for a proper diagnosis, 18 months later was PsA, which I had said all along! A colleague of mine whose family had a history of gout actually said that mine was not! I have to admit though that I do follow the recommended treatment on foods for gout just in case my urate levels go up again. Good Luck xx


My dad had gout quite badly and I have told my GP this so assume they've tested me for it too but maybe not. My dad's only affected his feet though - but they would swell and be intensely painful for short periods of time - once the skin even split and I do recall him hobbling around during flares. Eventually he was sent to the Queen Mathilda hospital near where we lived in Hammersmith (I remember this because it was near my primary school and had my name with an H put in and he'd walk to school with me as far as the hospital) and was trialled on some pills that did the trick and he never complained again about his gout.

My GP said that nuts and other uric acid rich foods can make it much worse. It's an autoimmune condition too and if you have one you are quite likely to get others too. Good luck with treating it - don't hear much about it these days actually? Tilda x


I know loads of people in my area that have Gout, mostly men though and not many woman. That's why I doubted that I had full blown gout in my foot. As I mentioned earlier I do make sure about the foods I eat just in case!


Did your problems all start in one of your big toes? That's where my dad's always was. I've read up a bit and they are quite easy to confuse so it's possible. But gout only affects joints other than feet at a later stage so if you only have gout that would be the sequence - big toes followed by a knee or wrist or fingers much further down the line. TTx


my husband has gout and he takes a tablet every day that prevents attacks, i think if you have had attacks of it a few times they give you it. Gout usually settles on it's own after about a week but usually comes back, that is why they give you a tablet to prevent it.


Hi guys, I've had lots of experience with gout and pseudo-gout.

Foods high in protein, such as red meat, turkey and some sea foods can trigger a gout attack.

Pseudo-gout is caused often by dehydration and the use of some diuretics that contain Thiazide. Both are almost always in a foot and big toe.

Treatment is the same, used to be Colchicine tablets, think it's called something else now.

It is very treatable and you may never have another flare once you are on the tablets.

Good luck, not to worry, Loretxx


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