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Has anyone ever had an arthrocentesis of a joint affected by ra?

Have you had an arthrocentesis (aspiration) of a join where they drew some synovial fluid from a swollen joint and examined it under a microscope?

If so: Did you have the procedure on the NHS? Who carried out the procedure - doctor? clinic? rheumy? nurse?

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Hi Greenflower

I have had my knees aspirated a fair few times. They inject a local anaesthetic first and it's always given me considerable relief afterwards as I've had cortisone injected at the same time.

I've always had it done by the consultant but I know that there's a GP at our surgery that can do it also.

Hope this helps

Bub x


The last time I had it done it was by my rheumy consultant. I'd hobbled in to the clinic and she saw me, saw my knees and said let's deal with that and popped me on a passing trolley. A few minutes later it was all done & dusted. Didn't bother with local anaesthetic and didn't give me time to fret about it either, just quick burst of cold spray. But after effects have always been great! The fluid was checked after (and there was a lot of it to play with), but no sign of anything nasty. Px


Thanks for the answers. My GP has now referred me back to the rheumy for an aspiration of one or more finger joints for diagnostic reasons. I'll let you know how I get on but I'm not expecting quick service. Possibly sometime after Christmas.


Hi samh, forgive me but that reads a little like an advert. Are you connected professionally to that private hospital?


Hi i havent had one but we have even done them in ae for extreme pain done by orthos not rhemy. Good luck they seem to help the people i have seen chrisxx


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