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Sponsored walk

Hi everyone!

I wanted to let you all know that I am aiming to do a sponsored walk in aid of nras - here is my link - justgiving.com/PenGell - you can read more about what I am doing, but I thought as fellow sufferers, you might be interested!

I am still doing well, and pray that you are all ok - coping or having some painfree time - I hope that if any of you are suffering, that you feel better soon -

I dont know if any of you on here live in or near Bournemouth - if you do and would like to join me, leave me a message in my in box - it would be wonderful to share this with you!

Take care all - and I will be intouch soon

xx :) Pen

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You could have been in the Paralympics , good luck with the walk and don't forget the morphine lol,


Best of luck pen. Your one very brave lady. sylvi.xx


Hi Pen,

Thanks so much for supporting NRAS with your walk! I hope it goes well and do send some pictures to us here at NRAS HQ so we can see how you got on :)

You probably have Val's email val@nras.org.uk? Alternatively mine is ruth@nras.org.uk if you need anything.

Best wishes,


Online & Social Media Coordinator



Pen, I'm so delighted for you :) i'm inspired by what you are doing and may follow suit! wish I lived close enough and I would have come with you.

I promise i'll sponsor but I've left purse at work (well i hope thats where it is!!) and will get onto link as soon as i have my card.

I love what your doing, loved what you wrote on the just giving page and wish you all the best!



Thank you!

I know money is important, but just raising awareness is my main aim. I read too many sad blogs about how we are treated at work, and by 'so called' friends - I have gained my strength from my friends on here, and thats why I have the inner strength to this (I am really out of my comfort zone, as I am the sort of girl who would hide and not put myself in the spot light!!! )

Watch this space - I hope to make sure people know what we go through!!

Thank you, take care xx


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