splitting mtx

Hi , i split my dose i take 2 Saturday with my dinner and 2 Sunday with my dinner . I to did suffer with the sickness When i was on 6 MTX hence the split over the 2 days.They reduced the dose to 4 see if it helped.plus increased the folic.

At the moment this week i have seen a remarkable improvment not only from the sickness side but joints to. After only 5 months of taking MTX IS FINALLY WORKING,or it maybe the fact i changed my job and didnt realise it was getting me down along with the pain of RA .

I am due to start MTX injections to prevent the sickness but i think for know will stick to the tablets.Its all trial and error i find ,no two people are the same.

good luck with your treatment.

Angie x

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  • Angie i used to have the injections and i found them to alright and i am waiting for the time i can go back on them again. THey are so easy to do as well. All i can say is if it works for you then go ahead,but do givebthe jabs a lot of thought.


  • Angie, You will love the MTX jabs so much more, and it is thought more of the dose goes directly to where it is needed, as the pills may not always be digested enough, so you should notice even more improvement with the jabs. Good luck! Loretx

  • thank you ladys

    thank you xxxx

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