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Foods that make me worse!

I am still learning about my disease and what makes things worse and what doesn't. So far I have found that typing seems to ease me fingers a lil, which is good at work anyway. Food is an entirely different matter, I have now found that I cannot eat crisps, unless they are tortilla chips or wotsits, and today I have found that milk chocolate is now also on band list. This for me is a huge blow as I am a chocoholic, I think I now need to check with white and dark choccie too. Does anyone else have these issues?? Hope you are having a pain free day (but if you are like me wondering what one of those are have an internet (((hug)))) :D

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Hi Fussie, yep some things do make my RA temporarily worse. They are anything which are very acidic lemons, oranges, tomatoes, plus too much vinegar. Plus the sweet and sour sauce in chinese meals. Oh, also very sharp pineapple.

Not had the problems with crisps and chocolate but maybe I would if the crisps were salt and vinegar.

Generally the symptoms in my case are only temporary so I do sometimes indulge knowing that I will suffer later (especially with the sweet and sour)

Have a nice weekend



Hi Fussie,

I have had RA since I was in my teens and it does take time to get used to it, to know your triggers and to learn to pace yourself but it does come with time. I too have food related flares and this seems to be more with processed foods, a chinese will set me off every time, red wine will make me ill (unfortunately!) Also I avoid tomatoes and peppers I got a really good book by Margaret Hills (from a healthfood shop may years ago) called cure yourself of arthritis and this was all about diet and it did really help. Good luck with it all. Donna


Hi Fussie,

I find sugar causes swelling in my hands and feet. I feel better off sugar but have cravings for it. I am mostly eating vegetables, fruit and Greek Yogurt. I miss chocolate. I can eat a little maple sugar and honey so I might try and make some with unsweetened chocolate.



Hi Fussie

Thought you might be interested in the information on these links about diet if you haven't already seen them

Best wishes



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