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get results!!!

hi all , got my appointment to get the , results of my laryngoscopy, , at outpatients on the 30th 0f august, so hope it good news, voice still a problem, voice come and gos,,, plus my r.a, is playing me up this week, having bad flare ups , hands not to bad as can rest them more then my feet,MY FEET, ARRR, in alot of pain, just wont to chop them of,,, got to go have bloods done on Thursday,, but me not feel like doing any thing just wont to cry,, but trying not to let it get the better of me, some times , the flare up are so hard to cope with,:(

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I am sending you lots of gentle hugs as i understand what your going through. Love sylvi.xx


Sorry to hear your pain. I have not long had my first infusion and still in agony plus side effects on top. Its awful when we just have to wait either for the flareups to subside or other meds to work!! Stroll on the next few days when you may get some relief or support. Like Sylvi, I know what you are going through. Be brave and try to rest as much as possible dont fight it like me/ alot of us try to do, it wont help-I have finally after 4 years decided to "give in" to it, as it always wins if you dont rest up !! Take care and hope all goes well on 30th for you. Asa's mum xx


Hugs from me too.

Waiting for results is a very stressful time.

Nic x


thank you. big hugs to you all as well. going to put my mind on , sorting out a party for my 50th, if any one lives near me in weymouth , you are more then welcome. going to be fancy dress, as ZOMBIE !!, ha ha , as thats how i feel like most of the time, :)x


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