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Hello everybody, I hope you have all been enjoying and relaxing in the sunshine. I've had a lovely few days, even had a BBQ yesterday. I went for my two weekly blood tests this morning and I noticed on my "sheet" and also my "little white book" it says "phase 2 and 3". Does anybody know what this means???

Thanks for all your help as always



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  • Are you taking part in any research studies? That's my only knowledge of these phrases..... Polly

  • Um no !!! unless they are using me as a ginea pig without my knowledge, perhaps I should ask someone



  • Hi Alison

    This isn't something we have come across before either. They only thing we can think it may be referring to is if this is perhaps the 2nd and 3rd medications you've tried? Perhaps it would be worth asking your GP practice nurse to explain. And please do let us know if you find out!

    Kind regards

    Sarah Kate

    NRAS Helpline

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