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undate on health

hi to all

i havent been on for a while as have been in hospital last time i was on i mentioned bout infection i had well i ended up in hospital that night not long out still not very well and still waiting to have more tests done in a lot of pain with joints and other stuff on tramadol 2 four times a day atm for pain as well as all other meds just waiting now to been seen again by docs.

this was just a little up date on me hope all others are doing better


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Hi Char, poor you ending up in hospital :-( it sounds like you're having a horrible time right now. Fingers crossed that you're getting all the help and support you need right now and you make a recovery soon. Take care of yourself

Luv Paula x


Sorry to hear you have had to be hospitalised and still under the weather. I hope the tests come through for you shortly. Take Care.


Hope you soon start to pick up. love sylvi.xx


Oh Char, You poor thing! What a miserable time you have had of it. You seem to have been in quite a bit of pain as you tramadoled up to your eyeballs at the moment.

It's lovely to hear from you but I do hope things improve for you very soon.

Judy xx


Ouch! Bless you, its all coming at once for you isnt it, but you sound like a really strong person, so now you have to make sure they look after you and find out your test results and actually act on them for you. I hope you are feeling much better very soon. ((((( ))))) hugs



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