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Will Allergic reactions cause my meds to be changed?

You may remember that I developed a photosensitivity while on holiday on Arran. Puffy red face- lovely. I'm on infliximab and methotrexate and have been fairly stable on these for about ten years. I had a similar allergic reaction some eight years ago and can trace it to a cliff top picnic and the glare from the sea. Now the Arran reaction has recurred after very limited exposure to the sea and sun. But I think I'm going to have to raise this when I see the consultant in early September.

Before I do I'd like to have an idea of what to expect

If they take me off methotrexate will I have to come off infliximab?

Or is there another combination?

Any ideas/ experiences will be really welcome

Cathie aka old puffy face

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Hi Cathie

I sympathise! I take 3 anti allergy tabs per day to stop me puffing up! I think the combination of the sun and the sea is VERY strong and although I don't puff up, I burn like crazy. It's not good to expose yourself to sun when on MTX so I always go out looking ike a mad woman in the sun! Huge wrap around dark glasses, trousers etc.

However, this may not be the same for you. I think it always as well to mention these things to your consultant and I really do hope that either your meds can be adjusted or you can have something for the allegies.

Take care



Thanks for this Jeanym. I'll let you know what doctor and consultant say. The first time this happened - some time ago now - the dermatologists said that it might be worth getting desensitised. That sounds like a good idea so I will enquire and put up the answer here.

Good luck with the shades I was thinking of wrap arounds too

Cathie XX


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