problems using a keyboard on a pc? a solution

for those with problems using a keyboard on a pc. I use the on-screen keyboard.

On my pc I clicked :-


all programs



on-screen keyboard.

I can only use the mouse and 1 finger at the moment. if you use the minimize, not close function, it should stay on your toolbar for future use.



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  • wow thats so clever ,thank you sandra i shall give that go :)

  • Hi there I was interested in your blog..

    I use my phone for most of my blog and replies to questions. But during a really painful period when all of my fingers where swollen and painful.

    I have a voice activation button on my phone, this allows me to activate speech on my dictation of information.

    This can also be applied To computers.

    I have been advised that some of these services can be sought from the DWP,they can give appropriate advice on how to access these facilities.



  • Hi

    Not sure if any of you have heard about Abilitynet but they have a huge range of information and help available if you are having problems with managing your technology. You can read more on this link

    Best wishes


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