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Hi fellow nite timer

Just wondering whose up?

I've had a dull ache in my knees calf musles on & off all day in particular when I am at rest. It's not enough for pain relief, although I have taken coco's but it does not seem to go away for very long. It's the sort of pain you get when it is damp or is going to rain at some point. i.e its how my joints normally feel when the weather is getting bad.

Well its getting on my nerves now. I can't sleep as I figured I must of over did it yesterday, so have been resting through the day and now I'm rested out. I've got the tv on in the back ground and I've been surfing the net for at least hr now, lap top is low on juice. Need the power cord. See I am waffling to myself.

It seems I'm a bit early for the real "hard core noddies", so I will just say - sorry I've missed you guys. Hopefully you are all asleep.

Sweet dreams Sci x

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Still awake .... but only just. Feeling ok. Apart from toothache which I never had before.

Hope its not my bridge work. On half pay..... so can't afford the dentist now :-( so oil of cloves it is.

Nite nite to all of you who are still up.

Here's too a good nights sleep for all.


I hate to upset you all but i had a lay in this morning,didn't get up until nearly 8am. That for me is a lie in. xxx


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