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infection and other stuff

hey every one,

just been docs n told ive got an infection been put on some meds but ive also got another problem ive been on monthly since the 8th of july and the doc has given me tablets to stop it now but not sure weather i should be worryed with the other meds and the infusion im on weather thats what has coursed this problem im so worryed and its stressing me to the max sorry just needed to tell someone as i feel like im on my own in this matter xx

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Have you rang your dr and asked them what to take with what you are on. If not you want to,if you can't get hold of your dr try a chemist as they will be able to advise you.

Best wishes, Sylvi.xx


yer they have put me on 2 different meds one twice a day and the other 2 3 times a day but i just worry that these tablets aint going to work as my last period was 3 weeks then i had a 2 week break then this one since the 8th of july and on top of it all ive been having flare ups with my RA and the hospital havent rang me back yet im so stressed with other stuff to just feel like hinding x


Hi Charhunt

I'm afraid as we are not medically trained here on the helpline we cannot give advice on medications, but if the hospital has not called you back and you are concerned it may be worth giving NHS Direct a call on: 0845 4647

Kind regards

Sarah Kate

NRAS Helpline


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