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What a weekend,,


This weekend was the end of our Worthing Festival, where there was a funfair on the sea front a market and various other things going on,custom car rally . really a lot of things and I missed most of them lol.

My back and hips hurt so much after a short walk most days and others can walk twice as far which when you think about 20yards is my normal limit with out too much pain then double is not hat brill either lol. then the deep ache gets into hips and lower back , feet shooting pains and then right leg swells and aches a lot and feels like a ten tone weight , but determined to enjoy some of this weekend .

Went to a gig in one of the pubs fri and then into town on Sat but found it one of my bad days and after about 10 steps my hip hurt my back hurt . mmmmmm I thought this not fair, but sat and just people watched for a while . went home ot rest and boost my pain relief . so then out a 9pm so ready to watch the fireworks on the pier . felt ok and not much walking and though was meeting a friend my son made a point of meeting me too just to be sure I was ok with the crowd and standing as hold onto him if i get a prob normally . fireworks were brillant though a little short in time ,, maybe the cut backs lol, so then went of to a local pub with my friend and could hardly walk ,had to stop 3 times for the pain to ease of to catch my breath . think in the end we gave up and went home after one drink .But it was a nice day . but then sunday ....... I thought ok, am going o test just how far i can walk that day . so parked my car .walked the 20 yards to the corner and it had already started , so stopped and pretended was looking at he big screen , then walked back to the sea front and leg got so heavy ..walked back to my car holding my hips and ribbing them leg hurt and back and neck by now ,,, so... decided not good ideato give up my car ,, have to get my scooter from friends garage and wish could use my sticks but with my hands hurting so much and spasming then dropping the things and not being able to pick them up ,have lost a few that way ... I am so jealous of the ones that can walk further and pleased for them to...... body transplant is on order and just awaiting delivery date ,. lol

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Thanks PP - this has snapped me out of my wee dose of self pity completely. I have walked about 5 miles today (eyes and nose dripping all the way!) and have next to no pain so I really have nothing to be sorry for self about. I suppose a fluey cold, feeling nauseous 24/7 isn't much fun but it's certainly nothing on being in that much pain and being imobilised in the way you are so thanks for the reality check. Tilda xx

I wish i could walk like that. I tested the water this morning,walked from our car to the drs,from the drs to the chemist,then back to our car. I have sat down between times,but i have been very slow and sore. It was a just too much for me. Pam it is so unfair when we are in so much pain from walking. I find that by lunch time i am out of it and not much good for anything. Now your weekend is over try and rest and build up your energy levels.



Yes I know I'm very lucky Sylvi. I do take extra care of my body now through diet and exercise and started doing this straight away when the RA symptoms first started because I thought my weight was responsible. I also find that I can't be still for too long without getting very achy and uncomfortable so that motivates me to keep moving. There is someone else in my home town with RA and although I don't know her she passes me cycling or walking and we smile at each other because we both know that things will get much worse if we stop. I know I'm very lucky but unfortunately I'm not feeling it today because I'm very sick at both ends - can't do anything as my head hurts and can't eat anything or it comes straight out so can only moan gently and drink loads of water today. But that's not RA - just a horrible bug that has hit me worse I think because of my suppressed immunity. It's gone on a bit too long now (8 weeks of feeling hellish) but thinking about the pain of RA does help me realise I'm still lucky to be able to walk around. TTx

Hi Sylvi, and Tilda, Keeping moving is what you have to do with this just some can move more than others , I can not sit for long so am up and down pottering from room ot room ,and when out I try to keep moving but legs just dont get that they supposed to keep moving lol, I really miss the walking for miles as used to do it a lot when younger , and that and dancing kept me slim and fit but as back got worse and slipped disc after birth of my son so immobile for 3 months never quite got the chance to do it again as it was too painfull and then of course put on weight and after hip ops the dislocation of one twice in just ovr a year never really got back to walking again then when thought ok and all good .my back started really hurting and thats when we found out that spurs and stenosis where affecting my spine and can not operate . So yes I am jealous of the ones that can walk ,cycle but like I say happy for them too. Tilda hope you feel better soon with that bug and prob is the low immune we have , i have thrush in my mouth thanks to my inhaler that is steroid , that bad enough for me at mo, so hope yours goes soon .

I actually feel really need to get back to swimming even just a bit as it may help my shoulders and may lose some of the bulk have put on there after using sticks for over 2 years ,Arnie would have been proud of them lol, xx

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