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Off to the glue factory I go ...

Well, I am feeling sorry for myself today! Spent most of yesterday sleeping - lazy, lazy girl - and still feel like I've been dug up today. Plus, my Mum made a few unwelcome comments about me 'not helping' at home these days, and the trouble is, she's right. By the time I get home from work, I'm generally knackered - I struggle out to see my boyfriend 2 nights in the week, but I'm not exactly active when I get there! On the nights I'm in, just the thought of moving around too much makes me grouchy. On Sundays, I usually end up laying in, and am tired again by mid-afternoon. I'm really not getting much done, and my Mum is 65, so isn't really up to carrying the whole load herself, nor should she have to! And then she gets ratty, and says I'm not helping, which makes me feel more useless than I already feel, because I'm 32, and why shouldn't she expect a bit of help? I just really struggle to get myself up and running, and, when I do have a little burst of energy, it only lasts about 30 minutes, and it's gone again.

So, how does everyone else find a way around this? I'm determined not to let whatever this is stop me from being a useful human being, and from helping my Mum like she has helped me all these years. I pay my money in, but she deserves more than that. I know pretty much everyone on here has struggled, and I know you must have found some ways to carry on, even if it's been at a slower pace and with more assistance!

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Hello Sooty, the only way i can get round the housework is to get help in, husband helps out my two young girls are a total disaster and like you whenever i get home from work i manage to get the dinner but i am too tired to do much else.


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