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today is this as bad as it gets or is their more to come


whent to terrys to do his bed with the wife at his flat

whent for a small walk round on me own to see how far i could get

this morning i feel like me feet back and shoulders have been hit by a steam roller i pushed and pushed to walk round

i wish i new what this was.

i got up about 6am whent and had a cup of tea and a fag why give up now

did a few moving exersises

and my ligaments on my bones felt like me arms where dropping off

but im going to go for a swim later on to clean me self up cos i sweat quite a bit after gaenor putting my new bedding on.

boy even my teath where having an ache last night along with me back

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Its no fun is it aching all the time.Sending you cyber hugs sylvi.xx

just wish i new what this was sylvi

if someone told me bone canser i would say thanks now i know what direction we are going but i keep getting fobed off and thinks are getting worse.

not being ablke to walk far is the problem.

im looking at what benifits i can claim as i havent got a what is it yet if i just had one good knee i would feel a lot better im frightened to death of me ankle going in when walking short lenchths on the left leg cos me cartlidge in that one is going on the inside it feels all dryed up and filling with water again today

just feel like going down the hospital and saying sort that but im waiting to see the specialist in sept hate it when my feet go gold and ya cant do a lot of walking even if i could walk down the shops would be good feellike lying on bed all day but im not going to watch gp on telly at 2pm

Hi Minka, its horrid to ache/be in pain all the time especially when you do not know what the cause is. Hope your appointment comes soon, remember to write down all your concerns, I find that helps as I get nervous so memory fails!!!

Love & a gentle hug.

Alison x

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