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Update regarding the Reumatology nurse and she spoke to the rheumy and he said they will start me on Sol_______deng something or other lol on 22nd August, when I go to see them the nurse has been really good getting things sorted out so thank you if your reading this., can you please tell me what the med is lol my brain just cant take things in atm lol.

I take delivery of a brand new wheelchair tomorrow morning yayayayayayyyy, just need the engine to go with it.

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Sulfasalazine thats the name lol sorted.


yes phillip that is thecorrect name.. hope it suits you xx


Thank you Summer, it's a start


Hi Phillip

Thats good news really hope everything works out for you


Hi Philip

You must be thinking - At last! Let's hope this really helps you now. Take care

Julie xx


Hi Philip, so glad things are happening for you at long last. The nurse sounds really good and on the ball. Hope all goes well with the new treatment. Let us know how it goes. Best wishes. LavendarLady xx


Thank you everyone, wow the new wheelchair is fun lol



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