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A Trip to the Locum

I had a fab weekend, I started to think that the Enbrel had kicked in. I played in the band at two functions and went off roading (I managed to climb in the land rover with the aid of a box and some gentle persuasion from a friend - Bit graphic so won't go there!!) I remember thinking as my sports bra went into overdrive, along with the landrover, I'll pay for this, but I just don't care. That evening, over a very small glass of something, I thought I felt my throat starting to niggle but I had been shouting and whooping during the course of the morning as the horizon disappeared yet again over the rough terrain and blamed it on that.

Big mistake, next day I was coughing and sneezing and couldn't take Enbrel Injection No 11. Sooooo near and yet so far. I will get past 12 and let it kick in but it could kill me in the process. Next day I went to the doctor. 'He's rung in sick I am afraid', the receptionist greeted me with, 'you are seeing Dr Hanratti instead' Now, I new I had heard the name somewhere but in my chesty, throaty groggyness I couldn't think. Whilst picking up a copy of a two year old Sussex Life, it came to me - Chamber of Horrors, Madame Tussauds. OMG!!! James Hanratty was the seventh-to-last person in England and Wales to be hanged for murder after being convicted of carrying out the 1961 "A6 murder". Well, at least I knew it couldn't be him, as he had been hanged, ??Son - nah, surely not..... should have left while I had the chance.

He was very nice while he made me cry when he told me I was suffering from bereavement, told me that I needed to take control over my own body, ask what the alternatives were to the poisons I was currently inflicting on myself and take a 'drug holiday'. then he presribed an antibiotic that was guaranteed to give me diarrhoea, a cough mixture that was guaranteed to make me shake and gave me a big hug, The receptionist gave me very strange look when I walked off in the wrong direction.

So here I am two days later with diarrhoea in addition to a dreadful cough and feeling like s*** cos I had to leave off the Mtx and Enbrel. Deep joy!

When I had collected my drugs and thoughts, i went home and pondered over what he had said. I won't stop the drugs as, although they are poisons, I don't want long term joint damage, well not for now anyway.

In conclusion to this missive then, the bereavement part was true - it's the loss of all your thoughts and ideas for your future and the plans you had in your head for retirement, like walking coast to coast and working our way round the coastal paths. I went to a party on Saturday evening and they had a Cayley (?spelling) and I so wanted to get up and dance but there was no way I was going to be able, with the best will in the world, to do 'The Gay Gordons' :-). Perhaps that was a good thing in the end!!!

Love and empathy to all of you!

Caroline xxxxxx

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celidh is the spelling. its. gaelic for barn dance. and no I I am from england the land of paying for eye tests and prescriptions..If yo like. read you anti biotic name and let me now?. I will help medically if you like/.( you could message me privately if prefer?.. off for a kip as Im off to a medicences adherence talk this evening til 930pm and Im tired..will reply later prob 10pm IF you want me to.

In the mean time if you eat or drink probotic yoghurt it will re introduce the hepful bacteria into you body... this will help restablidh gut flora.

Im.not sure what anti biotic he has given you but there are plenty suitable for upper repiratory/ chest infections that do NOT cause diarrohea!!( clarithromycin springs to mind and this does not cause diarrohea!)


Thanks Alison

It's called Cefalexin - 250mg qds. l always wash meds down with actimel - have a couple a day.Am allergic to penicillin so limited but he thought this might zap it as I have had quite a few.

Have a good snooze. x


good blog caroline, what do you play? your locum took you poff MTX well funny as I was told couple of weeks ago that you could stay on it if the infection is fairly low key, not the plague maybe.

Alison (Summer) is a pharmy, with a broken computer keyboard, not the ability to spell funny words which she does; but she's lovely and will give you the low down on the meds.

take care of yourself and please rest, as that will help you fight the infection.



Hi Tricia

I play the cornet, the trumpet and the flugel horn (not all at the same time you understand!!) in two different bands. One traditional brass, the other is a 10 pc ensemble!

Iv'e not had to stop mtx in the past so was a little surprised but will take it again next week. I can't do much as I am too wiped out so rest has been a necessity!



Wow, wonderful, and you can still manage to play, are your hands ok?



They can be quite painful and very stilll, particulalry at night but am still managing at the moment. At least we are sitting down! x .


For stilll - read stiff!!


aah.. unusual choice. it is a broad spectrum anti biotic.. my hospital doesnt use it much.. it do anything from upper respiratory. pnuemonia. u.t.i

0.5- 0.6% of penicillin sensitive patients will be also allergic to the cephalosporins of which cefalexin is one of!! as I previouslt stated clarithromycin .. would have been in my opinion the better choice.. not those nasty side effects.. and its the one normallu used in penicillin allergy patients for respiratory infections.. didnt reply as went to medicens adherence seminar/ compliance aid talk after my post. short rest!! 7.20 til ten!!. it went on rather late was v tired last night onh return.. it was billed as 7.30 til 9.30.. had to drive back too!!. not at the local hospital.. but sister site


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