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Pain under control - shame about the rest.....

I just popped on here to check the bank accounts,, and now look what's happened! Sometimes I am uncontrollable... :-)

I must say it is turning out to be a better day than it was yesterday. Painwise, I am doing ok. The arm is gradually beginning to move under my close supervision! No more shooting pains unless I do something silly. I did have a couple of painkillers last night (paracetamol) because I had a headache, which gave me a real good nights sleep. I think the headache is from my eyesight/ glasses, although I had them tested less than a year ago, I keep having to shift them about to get some things into focus. Does RA affect your sight?

Anyways, down on t'farm things just go on and on. We are the middle of making another few acres of hay - and what happened? Yup got rained on. Not good. We keep looking at the BBC weather forecasts and they haven't got the long range (all of 5 days) forecast right for us down here for months!

Mr Silageman has not been himself lately. He started to take another BP pill a couple of weeks ago, and I don't think it is suiting him He says he can't sleep and is starting to feel anxious - He doesn't do anxious. He is one of the most placid and calm people I know. So it was a bit worrying the GP took him off it and will see if that helps. I said it might be the change in our working arrangements, which is a bit stressful - especially on the financial front - but it's nothing he hasn't been through before - he's had bigger overdrafts and debts and foot and mouth and managed to get through it all with a smile - bless him.

Now here's a funny thing - talking on being uncontrollable. Our fat lambs often go to market on a Wednesday morning, where unfortunately, there is a sale of baby calves straight afterwards and at which Mr Silageman and son and heir have been known to frequent and being unable to resist have pur chased a calfy or two! (5 to date!) So much for me having my hands on the financial reins!!

Any way the funny bit - he went last Wednesday, and somehow ended up in the calf ring - funny that. He saw one he liked and he was duly lifing his eyebrow at the auctioneer - as you do... down came the hammer - "sold to Mr Hawkins" Ah blow it he says, missed that one. Starts bidding on another one. The auctioneer talks so fast it is unbelievable, you know its...." mumble mumble mumble" at 200 miles a hour, and then bang sold and everyone looks round to say "who bought that then" Right so Mr Silageman duly eyebrow lifted for another calfy. Bang sold to Mr Hawkins - he missed it again. Getting a bit fed up he nearly doesn't bother, then one right at the end caught his eye. Right, one last chance.... mumble mumble mumble- bang sold to Mr Hawkins. He was right widdled off with this.

Any road up, on the way out someone says - "hmm got a nice calfy there David" (his real name). He repies, "yes but I didn't get him" "Oh I thought you did", he says. So off Mr Silageman trots to the office.

"Hello, Mr Weeks here - did I buy any calves" - receptionist looks at him a bit peculiar, surely he should know! - No, no Mr Weeks here.

Passes auctioneer on way out. He repeats again - did I get any calves? Auctioner says - Well yes, you bought a whole bunch of them!!!!

Undergarmets in danger here - he said "but you kept saying Mr Hawkins". Yes "You Mr Hawkins". "No, me Mr Weeks". Ahhh right... " get that altered Betty, Lots 30 37 and 40 to Mr Weeks!!!"

So we have 8 calves in the shed now :-) Bless him you would think after all these years he would know wouldn't you!

So with calves drinking us out of house and home, and son and heir having the appetite of a rhino with bulimia, and looking after daughter's boyfriend who is off with his broken hand - I am off shopping today, and probably tomorrow too. With a little help (hopefully from my man) if it stops drizzling and dries up I shall be in trouble because he will be off up the fields turning grass.

So take care peeps - speak later

Julie xxx

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Hi Julie, enjoyed your 'diary page' (very amusing and made me smile) - hope the purchase of the calves didn't break the bank !

Take care

Judi xxxx


few calves wont hurt.. you could always fatten them as beef and eat them later lol xx


Hi Julie, another very funny "life down on the farm". My job as a little girl on our farm was to feed the calves. A job I loved doing when they stuck their noses into the bucket and tried to lick my hands as well.

Glad the shoulder is freeing up a bit - I'm hoping for great things when I have the ultrasound on my shoulder next week and that it might show what I've been telling my Rheumy for months!

Love the photo of the hay and the calves.

My hubby had to have his BP tablets changed because the earlier ones didn't suit him at all. He is on Ramipril now which seems to do the trick. Mind you he always tells me his BP is that of an 18 yr old. In which case, I say, why is he on BPs at all? The GP isn't as daft as he seems to think.

Have a good day. LavendarLady xx


Hi Julie,and all, lovely blog and I would think it would sit right on the farmers weekly blog. Here at the lovely Stratford on Avon we have the headquarters of the farmers Union, I know a couple of peeps that work there. I'm not sure if they have any publishings but I'm still adament that you have a talent that may sell. I'm sure our other listeners will feel the same. May hap you could write letters to the magazines readers pages and win the prizes and sell or use them, thats my idea for Tuesday morning with hardly any sleep for 3 days. i will try and tell all later.

Much love



Hi Tricia-P, now I am intrigued. No sleep for 3 days - what have you been up to!! I bet it was the rotten old RA causing problems rather than anything exotic. Hope you are feeling a little better. I agree Julie should be writing articles for journals. How about Farming magazines - life down on the farm type of thing. I am sure they would love it. LavendarLady x


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