Hi peeps. Sorry I didn’t get to do this yesterday afternoon, I was running out of energy and couldn’t focus on stuff for too long. So am doing it now before I run out of energy again!

It has been quite exhausting the last few days having all this pain and stiffness in my shoulder. The OT advised me on Wednesday to keep taking the painkillers and keep it mobile. Right. I did. Made it worse! Having had rotator cuff impingement before, I knew what she meant by keeping it mobile. Nothing worse than a stiff joint because of lack of use. So I didn’t think I had overdone it. But Wednesday night and Thursday and Thursday night were pretty bad and I had expected it to have gone away by Friday but I am still stuck with very little movement in my shoulder, without pain It has definitely subsided but still there. But it is MANAGEABLE!

Any road up, as usual I digress! Relaxation techniques. These are what I use and have been using to good effect I think.

It all starts with the old deep breathing. I usually sit on the edge of the bed with my bedroom window open (loverly fresh air). When you breathe in, don’t raise the shoulders, be aware of any tension in the body. The only thing that should move is your torso, breathing deep into the tummy raising the diaphragm. Hold for 4 and let go. I remember the first time I did this I almost had a panic attack! It felt strange. The more you do it the more air you can take in = more oxygen in the blood.

Breathe in through the nose and out through pursed lips. (You can also focus on an area – say you have upset tummy or headaches – when you breathe out imagine the air is coming out of that part of the body – strange but very helpful)

Right then do that as often as you can – at least 10 times. Or build up to 10 times.

Next lie either on a mat on the floor or the bed (I stay on my bed it’s a fairly hard mattress and I can’t get back up off the floor sometimes!) You can do your breathing in this position if you wish.

Now what I do is start at my feet. Concentrate on them and pull your toes up towards your knees and hold them there for 4 say then release. The importance is to notice the difference between the tension and the release in both the feet and the calf muscles. You breathe in when you tense up and breathe out when you release

Do the same for thighs and bum. Tense them and clench the botty, same as feet. Then your tummy and chest, tensing and release with the breathing in and out.

Next stretch your fingers, and tense your arms and release again with the breathing in the out.

Next your upper back shoulders and neck.

Lastly your face and head.

Then one more deep breath and release, blowing out as much as you can. Then relax and stay there for a few minutes enjoying the feeling of relaxation (hopefully!)

Do it all nice and slowly, re-reading this it sounds a bit quick - but take your time.

Ta dah.

There are lots of other techniques but this is what I do. I find myself checking my body out sometimes, when I am sat doing something, or driving, be aware of whether you’re relaxed or not.

If only I had done this when I was doing the accounts and aware of leaning on my arm and putting my shoulder under pressure.

It all comes with practice.

Good luck

Julie xxx

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Hi Julie, thanks for the information. Will definitely try it out. I have an appt on 2nd August for ultra sound on my right shoulder to try and find out what is happening with the rotator cuff which is giving me hell from time to time.



Snap! Although I haven't got the ultra sound appointment! Get to see the Physio next week, so hopefully have a chat with her about it... GP didn't want to know!

Am surviving on relaxation rest and am still painkiller free.

Take care

Julie xx


sounds good Julie, no painkillers, I go to te local WWT Martin mere it is called to relax in the peace and quiet, I get my skooter out and ride round nice and slowwwwwww and justch the ducks lol BUT unfortunately I still need the pain killers, I will have to give your way a try, thank you for sharing this with us.



Hi Philip

Looked this up, sounds like a lovely peaceful place. Must invoke some relaxation :-)

I used to think that all that malarky realxing and stuff I didn't have time for, but I find myself missing it if I don't and I make time for it. I do stretching the muscles helps too. I know that I can't do any one thing for too long without having to move, and this helps with the stiffness. I have OA too!

Take care me duck ha ha joke! :-)

Julie XX


Your relaxation system sounds good. There's also mindfulness which has meditation exercises. If you google mindfulness oxford u get interesting, serious site.


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