Just turned 60


You all, I was 60 on the 11th and my son took me to Edinburgh for the weekend. We flow up by eastjet and there were really great, I was treated like a film star. They lifted me on the plane and was giving a great seat with leg room. At the other end I had the same treatment. The hotel pampered me rotten. We went to the castle and I was driven to the top by there drivers and giving a tour all for free. Every restaurant we went into again I was treated like a movie star. The whole experience was unbelievable. I even bought a kilt and now look the part Sadly back to work today but will always remember my 60th..

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  • Hi beeper. Happy Birthday for the 11th. Glad you had such a good time in Edinburgh - a lovely city. We were there 2 years ago for 5 days and Himself got fitted for his kilt. He does look a picture in full highland dress.

    I agree about Easijet - I have to use a wheelchair when travelling and their staff and crew look after me very well and I even have a seat at the front of the plane where there is more room. Unlike BA who stuff you at the back on a small bulkhead seat on the basis that in an accident, you are not going to get out anyway! LavendarLady

  • Belated congratulations on ur birthday, sounds like a fab trip. I have a big birthday in august and going to stolkholm with few pals of the same age!

  • Happy Birthday Beeper, sounds like you had a great time, just shows life hasnt finished just yet lol, lots of brilliant memories too and Im jealous, Ive always wanted to go there.

  • Happy birthday

    Edinburgh is my home town so I'm happy you had such a good experience

    And I was once helped by lovely royal air maroc people when I had to travel home in a wheelchair. Another holiday tribulation!

  • Congratulations Beep on reaching 60! It certainly sounds like you had fantastic time. Indeed, lots of lovely memories. let's see a piccie of the Kilt then! :-)

    Take care Julie xx

  • happy birthday too .. what a fab experience

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