Blue thighs!!

Strange question this but I've got my first appointment on Monday with a rheumatologist....over the last 2 weeks I've noticed that my inner thighs are tender and I have 2 long rectangles going from my groin to my knees which are cold and blue you think I should mention it or just see my gp about it. It can be very tender when my legs are touching together and it's not dye from new jeans!! Also my inner upper arms feel similar but aren't blue or as tender....any suggestions appreciated... Many thanks


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not got an official diagnosis but think i have raynauds too...could it be that???


I haven't a clue Kerry but in answer to your question - yes I think you should definitely tell the rheumatologist about this. Reynauds can be a secondary condition to RA for one thing - and also they will need to know about anything and everything relating to your joints and soft tissue etc so it probably is very relevant. I asked my rheumatologist about my outer thighs and bum being very tender lately and he explained that if it was arthritis of the hips it would be felt mainly in my groin area so that might also be connected to what you are experiencing but I'm no medic. Also someone else came on here a while ago and asked a very similar question so you could maybe look for this. Good luck. Tilda


oh thanks for that...i didnt want to sound stupid saying to the consultant but from your reply feel that maybe i should mention it. i'll have a look for that other post and see if i can find it.

thank you


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