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First Rheumy appointment!

After waiting what seemed ages (it was actually!) the time for my first appointment with the the Rheumy at Hillingdon Hospital finally arrived. My darling wife had taken the day off to come with me (this was also our 41st anniversary, what a way to spend it!!)

Arrived on time and had very little wait before I was called in. We discussed my medical history and how I got to this point. Had a full range of movement examination and we were about to discuss starting MXT when we got on to the subject of the nodule on the underneath of my foot. The rheumy says we can start MXT but I don't think it will do much for the nodule. He thinks it should have been removed when first diagnosed, funnily enough that had been my thought as well. Anyway I have now been referred to a foot surgeon to have the nodule examined again and hopefully removed. Unfortunately he would not start the MXT until the nodule is sorted. So it is back to hobbling around in the mornings and eating painkillers like smarties! Oh and more waiting! The ony good thing is that my wife has medical insurance through her job and I am covered so hopefully the wait will not be too long, please, pretty please!!

Rant over so I hope everyone is enjoying the summer as best you can and I wish you all well and happy thoughts.


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Good to hear you finally got your appointment, pity about the medication though. I can't believe either how long you had to wait, seems aeons ago that you posted about it.


Hi Richard,

Felt quite uplifted reading your post! I'm so pleased you've got a way forward. I know from 3.5 years of methotrexate that you can get lots of infections so even though it's a frustrating wait, hopefully the nodule will get removed quickly and you can get on that tablets. I wish you the best of luck with it all.

Sarah x


Hi Richard,

Hope you feel a bit better now you have had your first apt with Rheumy, shame about the foot, although now you may get some action and in a short while some relief. Keep on top of apts otherwise they can get lost in processes etc. Good luck and take care

Asa's mum xx


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