Dr Martin Lee Arrives in Tynemouth

Hi All, I'm sure you all know about Dr Martin Lee, Kayaking around the British Isles for NRAS. Today he arrived in Tynemouth on the north East coast, it was damp and cold more like October then June, but he had a fantastic welcome with lots of people turning up, The RNLI saw him safely in to the bay, along with the Kayaking Club. Today we managed to raise £182.60 for NRAS and that was just for donations for cakes one of the Consultant Rhuematologists made, and we had an old Route Master London bus there, which was kindly donated free of charge. I have tried to include some photos, but im not good with this sort of thing so if someone can help me add them i'd be grateful.

Dr Lee is doing an amazing job.

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He certainly is,i've been following him on facebook. x


Oh I'm so disappointed i couldnt get there. But the kids loved the olympic torch arriving here and we got a lovely picture of Katy with the torch bearer.

Did Dr Lee look exhausted or was he in good spirits. I think he is a "legend" for doing this, marvellous stuff.



Hi Aston,

So glad the event was a success! Thanks for your efforts, sounds like Martin had a great day :)

We are keeping any pictures of Martin on his voyage and wondered if you wouldn't mind sharing them? My email is if you are happy to send some over please do!

Thanks for your support!

Ruth Grosart



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