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flare ups getting worse n lasting longer

on a scale of 1 to 10 pain is 9.99, my hip is painfull l can barly walk, be told to use a stick doh lv RA in both hands, they suggest l us a stick to lean on pratts!!lv nearly fill in the limited capabilty form,its a minefield,question l have is ok if your a offcie worker maybe you can work round your disable and people will be willing to take you on, but people like me a ex-factory worker or some one whos never work in a office before, what chance have we??if l could turn the clock back ld taken more care in my school work and got a boring job in a office,l hate pain it brings the grumpy sod out of me , and why do l feel like lm going to face a judge& jury, lv done nothing wrong but its feels like lm on trail having to fill this form in, thne face a panel, and problem be told your fit to work!!wish the power who be would challenge the lazy sods who play the game, and not target the weak,,ok piankillers kickin in mmmmmpeacefull thoughts lolo take care

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Hi beaker,

I do know the feeling about using sticks and crutches when your hands are sore! I visited the OT at the hospital who gave me special flat hand shaped sticks which are much more comfortable and do help you get around.

Are you taking your painkillers regularly though so the pain doesn't get as much chance to kick in, cause that is also helpful to me. If they are not working enough you should ask for something stronger maybe? I started on Brufen, then diflofenac, then tramadol and now morphine which is really helpful for me.

I also went to Citizens Advice Bureau as I think you have to be a genius to fill in the government benefit forms, I think they should run a course in filling them out!! and CAB were VERY good and helped me and I got DLA on high levels which I am very grateful for.

My work did try very hard to get me back to work with lots of adaptions to my hours and what i carried etc but eventually I was advised to retire, so if possible I would get help or join a union and get help with your sickness as early as possible.

Why dont you ring the NRAS helpline as well cos it really does seem like you are down in the dumps. They have male and female advisors which you might feel more comfortable with and they really helped me through the painful bad days.

I hope you feel better after your rest and you know we are all there for you, sending you hugs ((()))) Axx


Yes, do see if you can get help with the forms as if your hands are bad writing must be hard too. but i know what you mean re the grumpy sod bit - i hate it when i snap at OH when he's just trying to help. but as allanah says, keep takig the painkillers regularly to try to keep it in check. Hope you have a good day soon. Pollyx


I don't why they say working in an office environment with RA is easier, i work for the nhs in an office environment and i still struggle. First of all i have to get up and ready for work which is a task in its self, then i have to drive which is not easy when ankles and knees are bad, yes i can sit at work but i have to write all day and typing kills my hands. i have to move around a lot for photocopier etc. The dept i work for has been brilliant, they have made adaptions, change my hours and found me a place of work nearer home, but i still have time off sick and they don't understand why and i keep telling them the office is fine but if i wake up in the morning and i am bad then i can't get ready and come to work i ask them if someone is willing to come and get me out of bed, shower me , dress me and drive me to work then i'll come in, then there's days when i feel ill so even if i got into the office i just want to sleep over the desk. I don't think any job is ok with RA as it affects every part of you body and so unpreditable. I have an appt today at Occy health as i was off sick not so long ago and no doubt we will say the same things over again, i can't change then condition no matter how many adaptions they put in place. Good Luck with the form. X


Dear Beaker, The Dwp can fill the form in for you too!, I did mine over the phone as my hands were too bad to do all that writing, I didnt get anything granted by them, but I did get a blue badge as about last march I couldnt get up stairs other than by crawling, on the whole my health is now fortunately mainly manageable with medication,I am not pain and sympton free however .


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