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Celebration, Cake and more Cake!

Well it has been quite a week, I survived the rain, mud and sun of Glastonbury, attended this year’s Charityfair and then the fantastic Birthday Lunch celebration in Warwickshire yesterday. So where do I start?

Well let’s go from the beginning. Glastonbury, well it was excellent, I don’t think I could have had any more fun: my friend performed a rap in the Greenpeace village trying his hardest to get on TV, myself buying ridiculous jumpers and I can now safely say I have the world’s most outrageous Christmas style jumper and then to Beyonce bringing the whole thing to a close, but who would have thought I knew all the words? I certainly didn’t! The whole 5 day party has really set me up for the week.

Tuesday I was in London at the Charityfair and learning a lot from some very skilful and knowledgeable people and I cannot wait to put their ideas into practice in our fundraising team! Plus it’s always nice to mix with your fellow peers and bounce ideas around and see how others work.

On Thursday the months and months of planning came to fruition, suddenly the birthday lunch was upon us! Where did that come from? I can tell you that it was a huge success and the day proceeded without fault. The videos that we produced were very well received and the speeches and presenters were spot on. But the food, wow! And the cake WOW!!! If you weren’t able to attend please go to our Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150244880072300.335134.91098402299) and have a look, it was incredible and tasted just as good, in fact there was so much leftover we have had cake Friday in the office today, needless to say, I have had too much. It was genuinely a great day and I was very proud to have attended and been a part of its creation.

I will unfortunately have to finish on a rather sad note; today Laura from Helpline leaves the NRAS team, but she is going on to a very extraordinary cause, to be a foster parent. We wish her all the best, but of course we are all sad to see her go (there was more cake to say goodbye).

So I leave you with the feeling that all we do is eat cake here, but I can assure you that is not the case. Take care and have a good weekend, hopefully Murray in the final Sunday!!!


Trust and Grants Fundraiser

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It was a great day

thank you nras keep up the good work thank you very much



Glad you all had a lovely day, seen the pics they look fab!


Aww didn't know you were there Alison, would have grabbed a chat with you! Was a lovely afternoon especially after the wonderful co-ordinators conference too.

Was great to see some new faces, both NRAS staff and members too. A lovely day for a wonderful charity! Thank you to everyone who helped make it possible.


It was such a lovely day in all sorts of ways, weather, people, food, and not least the inspiration. Where would we all be without that initial drive of Ailsa to get it all started. it really hit home the real difference, the campaigning and debating etc NRAS has been involved in over the last 10 years. Brilliant!

Julie xx


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