ok yet another thing . Now breathing . mmmm thought needed to do that !!!!

hi all , not written for a while as been just plodding along and also having a seris of test for chest pain ,breathlessness and tiredness.

Well outcome , my lungs are damaged , Prob from my two lots of PEs and then a chest infection, have got to use inhalers ,everyday and one for emergency. Also discovered my heart has problems and not working properly when was perfectly ok 5 years ago . In fact then "as strong as a horse ." But of course a lot has happened to me healthwise over the last five years , But it seems that the heart problem is from my RA . the lung prob it was a contributor factor . Mt knee gave wayyesterday and i fell into a chair , loll lucky was not out at the time , fingers not working properly as usual so hope can read this . But Today am going out on a date ,First a long tiime , very nice man , does nto know all my health issues and prob not last long enough to have to tell him lol, but knows the basics . But well just makes me smile on this week of rubbish news ,Have good wek all. as best yo can .xx

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Pam you go out and enjoy your date and let the rest sort itself out later. It is crap when we have all these side issues related to ra,but there are lots of things out there to help with your breathing. I'm asthmatic so i know that the inhalers work wonderfully well. I hope to hear all about your date when you've been on it later.



that is bad news indeed for a week - is it the drugs or the ra. My blood pressure was high for the first time in my life when i was on arava hopefully it has settled somewhat.

Lucky you having a date, are you all of a fluster, is your heart beating wildly, have you tried on discarded many different outfits. DO tell us all tomorrow. Enjoy yourself


Not the best set of results but hopefully now you know what's causing your symptoms you'll get some help dealing with them. We just never know what's around the corner with this lovely disease and the drugs that go with it. Hope you've turned a corner now and things pick up for you. Best of luck for your date and hope you have a great time x


Bad news re health but great re date keep us posted, im pleased.! x. has he a spare friend? xx


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