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My Holiday

Hello everybody, Hope you are enjoying the sun. I got back from cornwall saturday afternoon, having had a lovely time, despite all my aches and pains. More about them later. I made it to the lost gardens of heligans. They are definetely worth a visit. My only moan is access. Eden project was the same. I couldn't go into the jungle area of heligan, so hubby went and took the pictures while i lay on the grass with a drink. At the eden project i couldn't get up to the canopy to look down, too many steps. That i would have liked to see. We went to some caverns and i could only go in the first part as the rest was too steep and slippery with all the steps. People were nice and very helpful, but i felt so frustrated that couldn't see all that was on offer. We went to the Jamaica inn on bodmin moor. Have been before but it has changed so much over the years. The weather wasn't very kind to us as we had a lot of rain, but we still managed to enjoy ourselves. Bob liked the driving through all the little lanes. Bless him.

My body doesn't like the rain, extreme heat either. I had several off days. I couldn't walk very well. My knee wasn't very good. I wonder what i have to do to get some sort of life whereby i can do things. Today it is so hot i'm incaplable of doing anything. I don't know where to put myself, i ache, my eyes are sore, i'm hot despite having fans in the house. It looks like i'll be going back to bed in a bit. Thats an aspect i don't like, but hey ho needs must.

Today hubby saw our gp, as usual he asked how i was. He wants me to reduce my sleeping tablets. He thinks my ra is spreading as my shoulder on my right side is very sore and has been for a while now. He is also going to see about getting me referred to the royal in Birmingham to sort out my knee. So we'll have to wait and see how that works out.

I'm going to have some counselling to help me get some over all the depression i'm under. I'll give it a go as i HATE feeling like this, wish they could do the same with the pain, never mind i can't have everything can i.

I'll write off now i've had a little moan. I hope each and every one of you are feeling good today.

Sylvi. X

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Hey Sylvi.....Glad you managed to have a good time on holiday despite the annoying lack of access and aches and pains! How are you feeling today? Get yourself to the doctor for that shoulder and knee! Good idea on the will have to tell me how it goes as I was considering going myself- the depression is no fun. As hard as it is just remember that the good days will come and the pain does go - a nice relaxing evening and good pain relief can do wonders sometimes! Hope you feel better soon :). Xx


Thanks sianlouise, todays not a good day i'm afraid. Its the sort of day where i'd rather stay in bed. I will be in bed soon, am laying on it at the moment, but i always ache which is so hard. Some days are better than others. I find i've got worse since they took me of diclofenic and they haven't given anything in its place.This comes down to the fact that each department doesn't talk to each other. I was hospitalised a few weeks ago with diverticulitus thats when they took me of the diclofenic as it irritated the bowel. Will have to wait until i go back ra nurse in august. I see the eye specialist and the one for my bowel in july so hopefully i will get news then. I will let you know when it starts. At the moment everythings hard work, no matter what i do i can't get ahead of it. I always said that i wouldn't give in to this disease, but at the moment its beating me sadly. Cornwall was lovely despite my health. XX


pleased you had a mainly nice break access is a pain!!. your dr seems very proactive.. take up all offers

take care alison xx


I will thank you. My gp tell it like it is whether you like it or not, a spades a spade in his book. He's very good you won't get in to see him in an hour he's that busy. xx


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