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Hi I am Judith, I suffer from RA, Fibromyalgia and a few other little illnesses. Here is my story so far

Hi all, my name is Judith or Judy, depending on which one you would like to call me!

I’m 46yrs 47 in November

. I was diagnosed with RA in 1987, was put on gold injections which seemed to work for a couple of years. I trained as a nurse which was my career until 2007 which is just after things really took a turn for the worst.

My RA flared up a lot, in fact it was unbearable, the ultrasound showed lots of damage to every joint in by body, lots of mice nibbles on my joints was how my consultant described it lol. I was tried with loads of different Dmard’s; different tabs loads of different combinations. Unfortunately they never worked, I was still just hanging on to my job, but, being a nurse in an NHS hospital you do really have to be strong, moving and handling patients, you have to make sure everybody is safe. Plus I was in so much pain and so so tired

My RA team were fantastic, still are, the big guns in medication came out, in 2006, firstly I was tried on Methotrexate, had bad side effects with that, kidneys etc, so was taken off them, struggling bigly at work in the end it was agreed by the occupational health, my boss, and myself that because I was suffering really badly it would be safer for me as well as the patients, and a lot of other things I was medically retired off from the NHS in 2007.I was then put on Embrel injections every week, which did help a little, but then I was also diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, I’m also a type 1 diabetic that’s not a problem as I was diagnosed in 1971.

Things plodded on, I was coping, just, not able to work, was on a lot of heavy duty painkillers, got badly depressed, so much so I did the awful thing and tried to end it all, I know it was stupid but I know how I felt at that time.

Then in 2010 the Embrel seemed to not work as well as it was doing, my bloods were suffering, things were starting to deteriorate, so they put me on Hurmira injections every two weeks. I was seen by the team 2 weeks ago and touch wood things are stable, so let’s see what happens.

I joined the NRAS after a local meeting and I have applied to be a volunteer for them, just waiting to hear now, I thought that with not working maybe some of my nursing skills and my knowledge and experience of RA and Fibromyalgia I may do some good. Let’s see what happens next.

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Hi Judy. Welcome.. You (Unfortunately) do have lots of experience with RA and I am sure that coupled with your experience as a nurse is going to be of tremendous help to others, hearing your story. I was only diagnosed in October 2010 and have been lucky enough to have got the RA fairly well under control with 20 mg of Mtx and lots of painkillers. I do consider myself to be lucky that the treatment has got on top of my disease. I am sure you will be able to "do some good" as you say and look forward to getting to know you.

Take care

Julie xx


hi julie i woz diagnosed in feb but it took me a while to pluck up the courage to start the methotrexate. i am now on 20mg and ave been taking it for 6 weeks. how long does it take for the pain to go away and to know that the drugs are actually working


Hi Jaqi I felt the same, I have sent you a message

take care Julie x


Hi Judy and welcome to HU. I too am 46 and 47 in November! when you said you tried to end it all it is extremely sad to get that low and I say that because I have felt very close to ending things myself, so I know exactly where your coming from. Thankfully I didn't and I'm here to tell the tale, so to speak.

I have also run through many medications and often failed on them, now though I am on Rituximab and have been for about three years., fingers crossed!!

I won't go into my experiences as you can read my profile and many of my bloggs covering my RA journey.

Since joining HU though I have found it very supportive and I hope you will too, and of course your experiences will also benefit others.

RA is such a sad a lonely illness only others who have the disease will understand.

I look forward to reading more from you,.

Take care

Mandy cc


huge welcome judith nursey Im still nhs pharmacy person just about.. with ra and fibromyalgia

too!!. my hosp is v 21st century.... im on gold injections at week 12!!(faired badly with sulphasalazine and bit better with metho but had to stop that in feb this year too

Your nurse experience will be invaluable and it will be nice to another new face.. there lots of postively great people on here and Im am sure you will be one of them.. met some great people and had lots of advice/ support from this site xx


Hi Judith,

Welcome, so sad that you felt so down that you wanted to end things. So glad you did'nt succeed, I have a friend who did, and I still miss her to this day! You have so much to offer to this group, with your wealth of experience. I too am on Humira and am doing well at the moment. Can't think of too much to blog about other than my same ole same ole life.

Look forward to hearing from you. :)



Hi Judith, I was only diagnosed a couple of weeks ago and still waiting to start some sort of treatment, I too have Fibromyalgia and I run our local Fibro support group.

sort of getting fed up with all the waiting and pains lol

welcome to the group really nice and freindly people to be round.



Hi Judith

So good to hear your story & have you join this band of people. You have certainly had a rough journey over the years by the sound of things. Looking forward to hearing more from you & getting to know you with all the wealth of experience - life & professional you have to share. I too am 46, (47 next month) & was a nurse (paediatric) & had to retire in 2000 for my sanity & health as much as the patients! Its an interesting experience thats for sure.

Like a number of people & you I have tried many many different treatments including most of the DMARDs, a couple anti TNFs & was on Rituximab very successfully for 3 years - may restart it this summer - had to stop for a short while cos of other issues like low neutrophils etc.

Anyway a big welcome - its a great group of people, very supportive, encouraging & informative.



andie//.. you were a nurse too?.. your profile doessnt say mucch about I always think with you and judy what a waste of two qualified nurses

.. I only work mornings at moment for my health/ sanity and obviously patient safety.. I try not to think of what the future holds...

judy.. for a few seconds the bad ending it all idea has entered my head. but I sent it away again.!! who would fed my beloved cats.. and now I have to support my parents.. my dad had been diagnosed with high grade bladder wall cancer.... and I will have to try and be strong.


Hi Judith

and welcome to the site:-)

Remember this site is here for you to get information and support too, not just for you to answer questions! It's a friendly bunch of peeps with a diverse range of backgrounds and areas of expertise.

Cece x


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