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Hi there, just joined this really interesting site. I am 50 and have a number of conditions tentativily diagnosed as Lupus, but it has never been sorted as such since 1997. I have hypothyroidism, Diabetes, Rheum Arth, CFS/FM, Restless leg syndrome, IBS. etc.

I take a lot of meds for differrent conditions and wish that somebody had a wonder pill for everything. Been taking methotrxate for over a year and at review yesterday, was told I need to add sulphasalazine. I was also given a steriod injection (will affect my blood sugars). I am sure i am not the only one with multiple conditions but i feel that the specialists only see their own speciality with no cross over, sometimes there is disagreement between the disiplines with me stuck in the middle. I am ever hopeful and watching the research regulary.

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Hi Bodicea. Sorry you're having to cope with all these things. I know what you mean about joining up the dots and lack of collaboration between the various specialists.. I think that's just what we end up doing and the important thing is to stay in charge by researching our conditions and treatments we are given and generally to be as much at the helm as possible i feel. It's our bodies that all this is happening to and no one has the same vested interests as we have. Mind you I started investigating hypothyroidism a while ago and gave up as it all got too complicated so now I just take the levothyroxine and do as I'm told so I'm one to talk! You certainly aren't the only one - my GP is currently my main font of info and wisdom about my various conditions because he's the guy who knows me and I feel has my best interests most at heart but it's hard for him because at the end of the day he's not the specialist - he just has to take responsibility for the drugs he prescribes- but at least that pushes him to email the consultant about me a lot! You will have to live up to your namesake I think?! Good luck with it all. Tilda x


Just having the same problems as I have ra, diabetes worsening with steroids, eye disease due to ra, asthma another auto immune disorder, polycystic ovaries an endocrine disorder and lots of spinal problems. I have had great difficulty as the rheumy wants to see the mri scans but they are on a different system to their hospital! Etc etc lol. Hang on in their and I hope u get a firm diagnosis soon. Last eek I had an awful! Flare and in pain I had to wait tos see rheumy ashe was in a meeting then get steroid injection, then go to another hospital 20 miles away as my eyes flared, wait in their eye ddepartment just for eye drops as rheumy don't know bout eyes. 8 hrs later I got home to rest. I know it cantbe helped and I am grateful for the treatment but its SO disjointed isn't it!! Hugs Axx