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tablet to injection

I got a call from the rhuemmy nurse yesterday to say that the scan of my hands showed some inflammation. Didn't need a scan to sort that out, Anyway they have now decided to change my mtx to injections. I am having breast reduction surgery on the 12th june and when I am up and running they want me to make an appt so that they can teach me how to do the injections. I was a nurse for 18 yrs and a Midwife for 10 so far. my worry is that these won't work and I will be stuck still in pain and get more aggro if I have to take more time off. I asked about going back on Humira where I managed really well but have been told to try this first. Would appreciate info from anyone else who has tried these injections, Thanks

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Hi I was taking mtx tablets for about 12 months, then I started feeling really sick on the day I had to take them and for a couple of days after, I told my nurse, and she said I would have to try the injections. I was really worried at first I had to go to hospital and the nurse gave me my first 1, it didn't hurt but I got back I had got a lovely bruise, when I went the next week I had to do it myself! I was really worried but I did it and it didn't hurt, and I didn't get a bruise! Next week I had to do it again infront of nurse, and then took away 4 weeks injections and a sharps bin. The first time I did it on my own I locked myself away in the bathroom sat on the toilet, put on my music and tried to relax. I did all the checking and making sure dosage was correct, took a deep breath and went for it! My routine is lock door, wash hands, read expiry date and dosage on box, open box take out needle, use alchol wipe, take needle out of sealed package, check expiry again, pinch skin on my leg, and stick needle in and squeeze, once all the liquid is out of the needle, count to 10 pull out needle and put in sharps bin, all other rubbish can go in bin. [I think having a routine helps as you are busy checking everything and not too focused on the needle!] And your done! I think a blood test hurts more, and I only ever bruised the first time after about 10mins you can't even see where you did it. I hope this helps, I would reccomend the injections to anyone, as you don't have to take after food you can do it when you want! I do mine just before getting in bed! I have felt much better on the injection, stiffness as eased, and so as inflammation. Good luck let me know how you get on!


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