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Is there a useful book that would explain things clearly to me. Any recommendations?

I spoke to one of the advisers today & I'm pretty sure I have RA. I've made an appointment with my gp on Monday so hopefully will get things cleared up. Maybe the consultant was having a bad day when he said I deffenatly didn't have RA but OA but gave me pills for RA anyway. So thank you to this site & the adviser. I really need to find out more about RA as I know next to nothing. So some book recommendations would be great. Thanks

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Hi Caza,

I dont know of any good books I'm afraid but I'm sure someone will. There is lots of information on this site though and I think you can order booklets to be sent to you.

I've asked some pretty simple questions on here and in the NRAS forum, theres always someone who has been through what you are experiencing, also some very knowledgable people, who have done an awful lot of research into medicines etc, so dont be shy about asking anything you dont understand.

Hope this helps a bit.



Hi Caza

If you want to private-message me or give me a quick call on the helpline I can send some of our information booklets out to you.

The helpline number is 0800 298 7650 (open 9.30-4.30 Mon-Fri) or you can click on my name on here and send me a private message.

Kind regards


(NRAS Helpline)


Hi caza,

As Victoria says above start with the NRAS website ( and/or helpline as those will be the most useful to understand all the different aspects of getting to a diagnosis. If you are then definitely diagnosed with RA then do a search on the amazon website and you'll find a range of books - there are some written by a woman physiotherapist whose name I forget that are useful, and you can then get your library to order them for you. Personally I'd steer clear of any book that says that it has a miracle cure, but go for the ones that are more about how to live positively with this infernal disease.

It can take quite a while to get to a definite diagnosis, so try not to get your expectations too high that your GP will sort things straight away. But good luck. Polly


Hello Caza

As the others have said, I reckon your best starting point for information is NRAS and I would strongly advise you against buying a book on the subject - largely because, in my experience, they are often out of date and potentially misleading whereas the NRAS info (and the info provided by Arthritis Care or Arthritis Research) will be accurate and up to date.

Really hope you get a proper diagnosis soon.



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