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What a month so far!

May has been a rollercoaster for me, mainly on the downhill side. Beginning of the month all good (well best its been since diagnosis), then everything goes south from there. Started to feel detached from the world about 10 days ago, couldnt shake it, visited GP, (lovely lady, not my usual doctor) straight away started me on anti-depressants, telling me it was possibly a reaction to the mtx, the RA or a combination of both (woohoo I thought). Then Sunday, awful stomach pains along with bad wind, Monday I get bleeding when I go to the toilet, tried not to worry too much as was due to see my rhuemy nurse. Appointment time, explained all the problems I had been having, straight away sent me for blood tests, stopped my Naproxen, discussed swapping to mtx injections, gave me a steriod jab, and asked me to phone Wedensday for the results. Tuesday, I was completely wiped out, only just had the energy to phone work and tell them I wouldnt be in. Yesterday came, feeling better, then went to the toilet, bleeding started again. Off to the GP again after speaking to rheumy nurse. After a thorough check over in the bottom department, I am informed I have internal haemarroids. Fabulous! I also have a low iron count (10) so I leave the surgery with another presciption (so glad I have the pre-payment card this month) and a fit note for 10 days. So now I just have to concentrate on resting and sleeping as I need to, and hopefully be back to where I was at the beginning of the month and fighting my way through the working day.

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Do you know Fussie, people tend to make jokes about hemorrhoids, but they're seriously not funny and can make you feel really unwell as well as uncomfortable and in severe pain. Combined with the low iron levels, I'm not surprised you're feeling wiped out. Warm baths will help ease the pain a little and suppositories used on a regular basis will help after a few days. For the last 10 years I have been prone to a low iron count and have been told this is a side effect of RA. I do hope you feel much better soon.



Hi Trish,

Haemarroids are not nice, can be very painful. They do clear up after a few days. I think lots of people are them but dont let on!

Hopefully the nice sunshine will cheer you up.

Hope all goes well.



Thanks Trish, just knowing that I have this forum to discuss things on makes me feel better. I was very surprised that I have got the hemorrhoids as I have had no pain at all with them, well that was until I had that examination yesterday lol.


Gosh you've been thru the mill Fussie. Hope you feel better soon and things start to take an upward turn for you.



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