I had my first treatment last Wednesday, and by the weekend I had a lot of improvement.

The awful sensitivity in my hands reduced to just 2 fingers and the palm just below.

Also I had been having trouble with my little and ring finger going white and pins and needles and that is a lot better too.

I don't know if it was down to the acupuncture, the weather getting warmer, or just that it was getting better anyway.

I had another treatment today, so will see how it goes.

I don't really care what has improved it, I'm just so relieved.


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Hi Elsa,

Great to hear you felt better after acupuncture, hope it continues after treatment today. Enjoy the sunshine & the joy of feeling better. Long may that continue.

Love Aligator


Hi Elsa - my hands are so much better now too so it could be the weather or one of those things but as you say it doesn't really matter it's just great to feel less pain whatever! TTx


Me too, but I think it's the warmer dryer weather as I've just reduced my meds again due to side effects, and would have expected my hands to be worse.

Trish x


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