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Water, Water everywhere

Just when I thought I was having a good day with the RA, found water coming through the sitting room ceiling, soaking the cat's bed and a bulge in the artex. Also found a leak in the solar panel pipe from the roof. Oh Joy. If its not one thing its another. Solar panel people can't get out before 27th June but managed to get hold of our friendly local plumbing and heating engineer who came out at about 2.15. Thinks it is the bidet which is leaking as water seems to be seeping down the base of the tap and down onto the floor. Poked a hole in the ceiling to let the water out. Ugh very dirty and yellow.

Now got aches and pain back again and a headache, Plumber has put in a temp. repair and gone off to get some bits he needs to repair. Have to let him know tomorrow if the dripping water has stopped. then we have to dry out the ceiling and re artex it. Hubby at work so all left to me to do. Going to have my MTX injection - perhaps that will help with the aches and pains. Shoulders and elbows hurting. I am fed up with this - had to miss my art class this afternoon as well. Feel really down and sorry for myself at present. Puppy Dog is being very sympathetic and got lots of fuss from the 2 plumbers. Going to have a chocolate mousse to finish off my belated lunch. Sorry for the moan - was feeling really cheerful this morning, got my nails done and some jewellery repaired - had to get my signet ring made bigger which was done today as well, then home to this. Was sitting doing the crossword when I heard the ominous drip, drip, drip. Oh pooh, life is a pig at times. LavendarLady

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Your right life is a pig at times, just when we think nothing else can go wrong it always seems to don't you think? As if we don't have enough to put up with, the RA with all its other sideline ailments is plenty to be going on with.

I remember a few years ago we had a leak like that in our kitchen came from the bathroom above.

Try not to worry as you well now the RA will only get worse.

We don't mind you having a moan, makes you feel better sometimes.

Hope you get it sorted soon.

Take care of those aches and pains!!

Mandy xx


Thanks Mand. It's nice being able to share how you feel with the rest of the group. LL


Hi - You never know what's round the corner do you. Life is hard enough trying to fathom out what your body is doing let along having problems like a leaking loo!!!

It's good to get it off your chest.

take care xxJulie


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