Where have all the rheumatology consultants been this week?

Where have all the rheumatology consultants been this week?

It’s been unusually quiet here in the NRAS office this week with a lot of staff members attending the British Society for Rheumatology (BSR) conference up in Glasgow. The BSR conference is an annual event and a very important few days in the world of rheumatology. The conference is an opportunity for rheumatology consultants, nurse specialists, GPs, researchers, podiatrists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, academics and specialist charities like NRAS to get together and discuss all things musculoskeletal. This year there have been talks from some of the UK’s leading rheumatology professors, and seminars on subjects including ‘reproductive issues in rheumatology’, ‘sex discrimination in the autoimmune rheumatic diseases’, ‘optimising therapy for rheumatoid arthritis’, ‘the foot and ankle’, and ‘new developments in reducing work absence for people with musculoskeletal conditions’. There are various awards given to those working innovatively in the field of rheumatology, or to those who have made particularly outstanding contributions. There is also an opportunity for organisations like NRAS to exhibit research posters and make presentations about projects they have undertaken. This year we were proudly able to display one poster detailing an audit of our helpline services, another based on our ‘RA and Physiotherapy’ report, and to make presentations on our ‘Impact on the Family’ survey and our online work information.

It all sounds very interesting, and I am very much looking forward to hearing from those who attended about all the research findings, new developments and future areas of research mentioned. NRAS members will also have the opportunity to find out more about the topics and research discussed, and what we learned at the BSR this year, in the members’ magazine. You can see a sample of the articles featured in a recent NRAS magazine here: nras.org.uk/includes/docume...

So, while it has been quiet, the skeleton staff left here in the office have been working very hard to keep everything ticking over! We have even found time to launch a new ‘foot health’ section of the NRAS website where you can find information on podiatry, foot hygiene and some personal case studies. Please click on the following link if you’d like to take a look: nras.org.uk/about_rheumatoi...

I will shortly be needing advice on where to find some good sturdy trainers having signed myself up, along with 4 other NRASers to run the NRAS 10k in the summer. And as if running up hills and getting very sweaty on a Sunday morning wasn’t fun enough, we will also be dressed up as 70’s disco giants ‘The Village People’. So I now have the added challenge of finding some sweat-proof facepaint with which to daub a realistic looking goatee on my chin...wish me luck!

I think we are now all looking forward to our long weekend, I hope you are all able to enjoy a happy May Day bank holiday.

Sarah Kate

NRAS Helpline

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  • Hi Sarah Kate good to hear all this news about important matters for us RAers. Coincidentally we have been thinking hard about whether to relocate to Glasgow or Edinburgh over the past few weeks and I found a site for the BSR conference when I was trying to research rheumatology in Glasgow as part of this investigation. Didn't get very far with my research I'm afraid but did at least see the BSR conference stuff and it looked very interesting. It seems to have run at the same time as the Glasgow International Art Fair so if we had been down over the past few weeks we would have been able to attend both boxes! Sadly stuck up here with sons with big exams for next wee while though.

    Also had my new NRAS mag today and read about the Scottish Ambassadors launch - would be really interested in becoming one some day so must find out more about it!

    Warmest, Matilda

  • Is that why I can't see my Rheumy on Monday?

  • Yes was wondering if that's why someone told me mine is on annual leave - hope he attended the conference instead though!

  • I love the picture, at first I thought you were insinuating that these were the consultants :)

    My hubby who is a runner swears by asics trainers (love them myself!)

  • Thanks for the tip Wiliby :)

    Yes, unfortunately we did get quite a few calls from people last week having trouble getting hold of their consultants because they were attending the conference. Hopefully they should all be back now and even more well-informed.

    Kind regards

    Sarah Kate

    NRAS Helpline

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