Help had a full new knee on Friday home from hospital Tuesday can't get comfortable in bed so can't sleep - help any tried and tested tricks

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  • Hi I had both knees replaced three years ago now, I found sleeping with your knee resting on a pillow helped............I use to lie slightly to my side too.....good luck, having my knees replaced has been brilliant and so pleased I did, worth all the pain and discomfort. :)

  • I go in to have my knee redone on the 17th may and i wish i'd never had it done in the first,but the surgeon who is doing says he can make it better than it is at the moment. Ditto to what popmartin says pillow under your knees and when your sitting downstairs as well.

    Hopw you recover well. sylvi.xx

  • thank you for help sorry to hear about you having to be redone Sylvi hope all goes well this time, will try the pillow tonight am finding excersises hard duw eo clips and swelling sure it will all be worth it

  • I find a radio with voices playing softly in my ear helps me to settle down.

    Hope you feel more comfortable soon


  • Ditto, the comments about the pillow under the knees - I've had both knees replaced and it worked for me.

  • I too, had had both knees done, and the benefit outweights the sleeplessness over the first couple of days. I try an audiobook on my ipod (Anthony Head is lovely to fall asleep to!) and a pillow either under the knees.

    It's grin and bear for a little longer I'm afraid!

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