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Hi to everyone who replied to my blog

Last night when i posted , I was in a bit of a pickle . I have actually been seeing the specialist since December last year . I was getting weird symptoms and my GP thought it might have been MS. Anyway that was ruled out , but then started to look into other things when the RF came back positive , So ive seen the specialist 3 times since December . I have been given Co- codamol and Naproxen. The co codomol dont seem to work anymore . I took Naproxen but after reading the leaflet i found if you have a liver problem , you shouldnt take them . I have Gilbert syndrome . So i stopped taking them . I have had injections in my elbow but again that didnt work . Xrays have been done of my hands and feet and they show i have wear and tear ? This is what i dont understand ,if

these xrays are showing things , how come they cant diagnose me . If I knew I could then start dealing with it . I recently had a scan on my toes as they were numb this result came back , I have a Mortons Neuroma . The doctor said the specialist will sort it out . So roll on the 17th .

Thank you all for listening . All the best x

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  • Sorry you've been going through all this Bradford - wear and tear is osteoarthritis which isn't one of the autoimmune diseases but is straighforward arthritis - but can go with inflammatory arthritis too - that's all I know.

    I know quite a lot of the RA drugs have an impact on your liver too certainly Methotrexate and Arava both do and more dramatically than Naproxen - so you doctors will be needing to think extra hard about your treatment if you do have some sort of inflammatory arthriits. This could be delaying the business of diagnosing you too possibly? TTx

  • Thank you TTfor your reply .

    I just wish i knew what is going on . I will get the answers eventually :) fingers crossed . This site is very good as people seem to have so much advice , Its nice to know im not on my own .

    Take care x

  • Yup, there are lots of us! I'd never really heard of RA before, like many people I just thought arthritis was just one thing that old people got. But what I've learnt over the past few years is that there's a big range of things, and wear and tear arthritis is just one type. And under the auto-immune and inflammatory arthritis headings there is lots of variation and diagnosis can be quite difficult. And because the drugs we get are pretty strong, the specialists are careful not to prescribe them unless necessary. It's frustrating having to wait, and painful! But hang in there. And maybe go see your GP about managing pain for the moment, as it may well be that there are other NSAIDS you can take instead of Naproxen even with your liver. Take care. Polly

  • Hi Bradford

    Sounds so much like my situation i had several x rays MRI scan and was also told mortons neuroma along with other things, I had co codamol and naproxen which did not help at all.

    I was diagnose last week and started treatment of sulfalazine and prednisilone so fingers crossed

  • Hi Maax

    Thank you for your message , Have you been diagnosed with RA , i wish i knew what i had . Still have pain and still really tired ... all the time . I want to be able to go for a walk and not be in pain or exhausted .

    I hope your new medication helps you .

    Take care and i will keep posted as to what answers i get on the 17th of May .

  • Hi Bradford

    Yes eventually that was the diagnosis. releived in a strange way to beable to start correct treatment but i have been told it takes a while to kick in. I am exhausted all the time too have to do a bit then sit down most unlike me as im usually so busy all the time so it can be frustrating not been able to do certain things. Hope all goes well on the 17th i am going to turkey on 14th for 2 weeks and getting married so excited but dreading having pain. I have been advise a good chinese acupuncturist would be worth seeing as it really does help with the pain so i will try do that over the next few days. working full time is hard at the moment and i have been told i can apply for DLA now and hopefully go part time so lots happening. Take care and good luck xx

  • Hi Maax

    Pleased for you now you know whats going on , i expect it does take time for any new diagnosis to sink in . Take it easy as much as possible , its very frustrating ... i know i am so independant and i hate asking for help , but sometimes we do need to . I hope your wedding goes well , just relax and enjoy . I ve applied for DLA but have been told im not eligable for it , im not asking for the world , just a little help so i can pay for light weight appliances , hoover etc .

    Anyway good luck and hope all goes well x

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