feel like ive gone ten steps back (

im on my third infusion of thocilimab felt gud on the second one, this one i had few days ago not doin gud at all big flare up feet ankles kness feel like ive had a hammer on them, had another mri scan as they think my discs have moved again , my body had only just got over the op gotta wait for results again feelin pretty low today didnt think id be havin any more dark days ,i was soooo happy i hadnt had a reaction like i had with the last 8 other treatments i just carnt understand why my bodys reacting ,i waited 7 months to see consultant waited at the reception gave my letter in to be tld dr barkham on holiday i shud of had a cancellation ,oh well maybe one day we might have a doc who suffers ra im pretty sure wed be treated with better care thats all i can say ok rant over thank god ive got this site .got my splits being fitted nxt week for my hands fingers curled up hope u all have gud day xxxx

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Thats so horrid cos I really build up for weeks to these appointments and would be gutted if they were cancelled.

I think i would like Dr Martin who is kayaking around Britain for us and his patients!!

i found the splints very helpful after i sorta took time to get used to them so I hope u like yours. Hope it all comes together for you soon, its very hard going through the infusions/appointments/OT stuff, I felt like a professional patient for a while lol



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