It's been a while!

Hello everyone I haven't been online for ages! Haven't been too bad except now my little Ava-Grace has chicken pox :( shes covered but being very brave! I'm full of cold and feeling run down and due to have my 2nd rituximab infusion next week. Ava was looking forward to going back to nursery school to see all her friends but will have to wait a little while longer. Luckily I've had chicken pox as a child but her daddy hasn't! So I'm having to deal with him being paranoid every minute of the day! Having fun watching films and chilling all day with Ava tho! xxx

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  • Poor you - I thought there was still a slight chance of developing shingles even if you've had chicken pox but hoping I'm wrong? Look after yourself anyway and enjoy the home time with Ava - mine were all terrible with the chicken pox they just scratched until they bled and were so grumpy with it. Hope your OH's over zealous worrying works like an insurance policy against it anyway! TTx

  • Hello Gwen, Hope the little isn't too itchy. My youngest has never had the chickenpox despite everyone around her having it. The older one had such a mild case when she was 3 but the rash was dreadfully itchy. Good luck with the infusion tomorrow.

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